Arlington, Massachusetts

Arlington, Massachusetts

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Arlington, Massachusetts is a suburban town located in Middlesex County and is part of Greater Boston. It is bordered by the towns of Lexington, Belmont, Cambridge, Somerville, Medford and Winchester. The town covers an area of 6.5 square miles and is home to a population of over 45,000 residents.

Arlington is situated on the Charles River and has many parks and open spaces including Spy Pond Park, Robbins Farm Park and Menotomy Rocks Park. The town also has several conservation areas such as the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge which offers hiking trails and plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities.

The terrain in Arlington varies from flat to rolling hills with elevations ranging from sea level up to about 200 feet above sea level at its highest point. The town’s topography consists mainly of drumlins formed by glaciers during the last ice age which are often covered in woodlands or meadows.

The climate in Arlington is generally mild with four distinct seasons each year ranging from hot summers to cold winters with occasional snowfall during the winter months. Precipitation levels are moderate throughout the year with average rainfall totals around 44 inches per year.

Overall, Arlington offers its residents a beautiful landscape with plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities all within close proximity to major urban centers like Boston making it an ideal place to live!

Arlington, Massachusetts

History of Arlington, Massachusetts

Arlington, Massachusetts has a long and rich history that dates back to pre-colonial times. The area was home to the Algonquian Native American tribes before the arrival of English settlers in 1635. The town was named after Lord Arlington, an English nobleman who had been a close advisor of King Charles II and was given the rights to land in what is now Arlington.

In the early days of colonial settlement, the town was known for its agricultural bounty with many farms producing wheat, corn, barley and other crops as well as raising cattle and sheep. By the end of the 18th century Arlington had become a thriving milling community with several mills along Spy Pond providing power for local manufacturing enterprises such as shoe factories and tanneries.

The 19th century saw continued growth in industry with several new companies moving into the area including electric railways, gas works, brass foundries and more. This period also saw an influx of European immigrants from Ireland and Italy who helped build up Arlington’s infrastructure and population.

By World War I most of these industries had closed down due to competition from larger cities but Arlington remained a residential community with many small businesses still operating in town. In recent years Arlington has become more diverse with new immigrants coming from various parts of Asia and Latin America making it one of the most ethnically diverse towns in Massachusetts today!

Economy of Arlington, Massachusetts

Arlington, Massachusetts has a robust and diverse economy that is driven by a combination of traditional industries such as manufacturing and retail as well as new technology and innovation. The town is home to several large companies such as the defense contractor Raytheon, the software company Autodesk and the healthcare provider Partners HealthCare.

In addition to these major employers, there are a number of smaller businesses that operate within Arlington. These include restaurants, cafes, retail stores, professional services firms and more. The town also has an active arts community with numerous galleries, performance venues and organizations devoted to promoting local culture.

The town’s strategic location in the Greater Boston area gives it access to a large pool of highly educated workers from some of the best universities in the world. This makes it an attractive place for businesses looking for skilled employees in areas such as engineering, IT, finance and other fields.

The local government is committed to supporting economic development initiatives in Arlington which have helped create jobs for residents and attract new businesses to town. These efforts have included tax incentives for businesses that locate here as well as infrastructure improvements such as public transit upgrades which make it easier for people to get around town.

Overall, Arlington’s economy offers a variety of opportunities for both entrepreneurs looking to start their own business or established companies searching for qualified employees in this vibrant region of Massachusetts!

Education in Arlington, Massachusetts

According to microedu, Arlington, Massachusetts is home to a variety of educational institutions for students of all ages. At the primary and secondary levels, the town is served by five public schools: Arlington High School, Ottoson Middle School, Stratton Elementary School, Bishop Elementary School and Peirce Elementary School. These schools offer an excellent education with high standards for achievement and have been recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as having some of the best student performance in the state.

In addition to these public schools, Arlington also has several private schools that serve both religious and secular students. These include St. Agnes Catholic School, Arlington Catholic High School and Marymount Academy.

At the postsecondary level, students in Arlington can attend one of several higher education institutions located nearby. The most popular choice is Boston University which has a campus in nearby Allston-Brighton; other nearby universities include Harvard University, Tufts University and Northeastern University.

The local community college system also serves residents of Arlington with two campuses located within town: Bunker Hill Community College and Middlesex Community College. Both colleges offer a wide range of academic programs as well as job training courses to help people gain skills for employment opportunities in the area.

Overall, Arlington is home to an excellent educational system that offers something for everyone from preschoolers to graduate students!