Android Wear 5.0.1 Could Incorporate Major Improvements on Energy Consumption

Already a few weeks ago was rumored details of the new update of Android Wear Android 5.0-based Lollipop, which should arrive imminently to all smart watches that make use of the version for the operating system Android wearables.

This update It will include very profound improvements in almost all aspects: customization, accessibility, brightness settings and sensors, new managers autonomy and storage, as well as a long list that we still do not know completely.

However, we do have important data published by Derek Ross, a well-known Phandroid blog editor, which has shown significant improvements in the area of autonomy with Android Wear 5.0.1.

Not that I personally have an issues with battery life on Android Wear, but for those that want their smartwatch to last for days, the battery life on Android Wear 5.0.1 seems to be drastically improved.It is not that I personally have problems with the battery life on Android Wear, but to those who wants his smartwatch can last days, Android 5.0.1 battery seems to have been improved dramatically.

Chart attached shows three days of using your Android Wear watch, Although obviously we can’t say that it has improved nothing lacking data on the type of application that has been given to the clock, time that has been on, used features and the number of notifications received.

However, and as everyone, we also hope that Ross is not wrong and the autonomy of the Android Wear smart watches has been improved through the software.