Accommodation for Studying in the UK Part 2

Accommodation for Studying in the UK Part 2


In the Residence Halls there are often common rooms with TV, library or even minibars for internal events. In contrast to student accommodation in the USA, the rent in Residence Halls does not usually include full or partial board. In large student residences, there is always a member of the property management team as a contact person who looks after the students and offers support in case of problems.

As a rule, semester students mostly opt for a residence hall as accommodation for studying in the UK. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, it can be difficult to find a room with a private landlord for just a semester or a year abroad. As in Germany, landlords are usually interested in long-term rental and have many requirements. On the other hand, the dormitories are mostly in the immediate vicinity of the universities, since the universities in Great Britain are almost exclusively campus universities.

Dormitory accommodation in the UK: pros and cons

Advantages Disadvantage
Campus is usually within walking distance Limited privacy
No problems with the landlord Possibly far from the city center
Connect quickly Tolerance required in sharing the kitchen and common areas
Fully equipped with laundry room, fitness studio, in-house bar and much more

Private accommodation in the UK

Many UK students choose to rent a private apartment or to live together in a dormitory or apartment after their first year in a dormitory. To share a private accommodation to study in the UK together with other students, can help to reduce tuition costs. To learn more about United Kingdom and Europe, please visit computerdo.

Most students in the UK live in private homes with up to eight flatmates, each with their own bedroom. The bathroom, kitchen and living area are shared with other students.

In order to find suitable private accommodation for studying in Great Britain, the university at the destination often provides specific contact persons for mediation. In addition, there are often advertisements in housing exchanges on site, which are posted on the bulletin board on campus or posted online. Attention: Local real estate agents also place advertisements. If the contract is successfully signed, a placement fee is usually due.

Advantages and disadvantages of private housing in the UK

Advantages Disadvantage
No rules except the house rules Apartments should always be viewed in advance
The opportunity to move in with friends More responsibility
Position freely selectable; for example in a trendy district Due to the location away from the campus, less participation in campus life may be possible
In addition to the rent, there are (proportionately) additional costs

Homestay accommodation while studying in the UK

A Homestay – Accommodation for study in the UK with a British family, international students and students offers the possibility that British family life meet. Participants in a homestay program live in a family home and can book partial or full board.

A Homestay – Accommodation for study in the UK the chance to experience British culture first hand. Some universities offer homestay programs themselves. Otherwise, agencies or the home school will help to arrange accommodation for studying in Great Britain.

Homestay as an accommodation option for studying in Great Britain: advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantage
Learn about traditional British family life Usually a long way to college
British English is learned faster Limited freedom to eat, sleep or go out
No additional costs for meals or ancillary costs The campus and city center may be further away

Short term accommodation to study in the UK

Participants in a language course or further training are often only looking for short-term accommodation to study in the UK. Hostels and so-called “ Bed and Breakfasts ”, which provide accommodation plus breakfast, are suitable for this.

Bed and breakfasts are either run by a local family or by a company. They offer more comfort than a hostel, but are also more expensive. Vacation rentals are also particularly popular with students who are only staying in the UK for a few weeks, for example for a language course. Hostels for backpackers are often the cheaper alternative.

Tips for accommodation in the UK

If not already done when applying, students should find accommodation to study in the UK as soon as possible at the latest after acceptance. If you are looking for private accommodation, it is best to use advertisements for private apartments and shared apartments on platforms of the university or for example Spareroom or Flatmaterooms.

If possible, a contract should always be viewed before it is signed in order to be able to clarify any language gaps. Only when the contract has been thoroughly checked should it be signed. It is also advisable to always keep a copy of the contract so that students can obtain independent advice if they have any questions or problems during the tenancy.

Careful handling of the inventory available in the accommodation in Great Britain is a matter of course. Regardless of whether a private apartment or a room in a student residence is rented, an inventory should be made in advance of the equipment and the condition of the facility.

Accommodation for Studying in the UK Part 2