Accommodation for Studying in the UK Part 1

Accommodation for Studying in the UK Part 1


Regardless of whether you spend a semester abroad in Great Britain or at home: Accommodation during your studies is of great importance. A comfortable, safe and relaxed atmosphere helps you to be successful in your Bachelor, Master or LLM study abroad.

Especially in the leading educational nations such as the USA, Australia, Canada, or in Great Britain, students studying abroad usually have to dig deeper into their pockets for accommodation than in Germany. In addition to the cost of accommodation to study in the UK, other expenses include tuition and living expenses.

The cost of housing and tuition in the UK has been increasing for years as many international students are drawn to the excellent universities in the UK. German students who are planning to study in Great Britain can, however, take advantage of many financing options such as the Auslandsbafög, student loans or student loans.

Preparing and organizing accommodation for studying in Great Britain

The most suitable accommodation for studying in the UK depends on the needs of the student. There are many different UK housing requirements that international students should prioritize before embarking on their semester abroad.

In order to feel really comfortable in their accommodation in the UK, students should seek comprehensive information and advice when choosing their accommodation. The students receive useful tips in field reports and from the contacts at the university of their choice in Great Britain. When deciding where to live, the following points are particularly important to many students:

  • proximity of the accommodation to the university of your choice
  • good transport connection
  • safe area
  • your own kitchen or bathroom
  • social connection
  • good learning atmosphere
  • equipment: kitchen appliances, bed linen or living room furniture

Accommodation costs for studying in the UK

Those studying in the UK will have to budget for higher or lower accommodation costs depending on the region. There are many renowned universities and colleges in the south in particular – as a result, rents are usually very high. This particularly applies to accommodation for studying in Great Britain, which is located in the metropolis of London. Everyday life is associated with higher costs for anyone studying in London.

That does not mean that it is impossible to find affordable housing in the UK. Since the beginning of the 19th century there have been many excellent universities in the north of England, whose cities were once still industrial strongholds. Cities like Manchester, Sheffield or Nottingham are now popular study cities. International students not only receive an excellent academic education there, but also find affordable housing.

A room in a private apartment costs around £ 320 for students at Sheffield Hallam University or Nottingham Trent University. Comparable accommodation while studying at the University of South Wales or the University of Bristol is around £ 400. In London, students can expect around £ 650 for accommodation near London South Bank University.

Additional UK accommodation costs

As in Germany, the additional costs for gas, electricity and water as well as WiFi should not be forgotten when studying private accommodation in Great Britain. Anyone who opts for private accommodation in Great Britain must also clarify whether a ” Council Tax ” is due within the household.

In addition, you may have to purchase your own items such as kitchen utensils and bedding in student residences, which are usually furnished ready for occupancy. Regardless of what type of accommodation students choose in the UK, they should take into account the fact that they usually have to pay a deposit in advance.

Accommodation for studying in Great Britain at a glance

There are different housing options and prices depending on which points students consider when choosing accommodation for studying in the UK. The following accommodations are available for those studying in Great Britain:

  • Residence Halls: University’s own accommodation in student dormitories, particularly for semester students or participants in a session Summer suitable
  • Private accommodation: Apartments or houses that private apartment owners – called landlords in Great Britain – usually rent out to bachelor or master students, for example, over a longer period of time.
  • Homestay: The homestay program with a British family is the accommodation for short-term study in the UK, such as preparatory courses or an academic gap year.
  • Hostels or “B & Bs”: If you only stay a few weeks for further training or a language course, “Bed & Breakfast” pensions or hostels are an inexpensive option.

Accommodation for studying in the UK on campus

Study Abroad students will at most universities wish a place in a dormitory, a Residence Hall conveyed. University accommodation for studying in Great Britain is either in a single apartment, an apartment or a dormitory room. To learn more about United Kingdom and Europe, please visit cellphoneexplorer. A shared apartment usually has its own bedroom and the shared use of a kitchen and bathroom.

Students with chronic illnesses or disabilities in particular should contact the disability officer at the university of their choice early on in order to find suitable accommodation in the British dormitories. Students with children should contact the family representative.

Accommodation for Studying in the UK Part 1