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Local Community Colleges in Washington

Offers a list of all two-year community colleges and technical schools within Washington, including brief introduction and official website address.
  • Topschoolsintheusa.com: Intended to pursue an associate degree in the state of Washington? Here is a full list of both public and private community colleges within Washington.

Olympia, Washington

According to Countryaah.com, Olympia is the capital of the state of Washington, USA. It has 52,555 residents (U.S. Census, 2018) and is part of a larger metropolitan area Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater (metropolitan area) with about 286,000 residents. The city is located on Budd Inlet at the south end of Puget Sound, at the outlet of the Deschutes River and at Capitol Lake about 100 miles southwest of Seattle.

The name is after the view of the Olympic Mountains on the peninsula of the Olympic Peninsula in the northwest.


83.7 percent of the population is white, 6.0 percent are Asians, 2.0 percent are African-American, and 1.1 percent are descendants of North American Indigenous peoples. The city has had an increasing population except for a decline between 1890 and 1900.

Economics and culture

Many are employed in state and local government, health care and retail. In the past, the timber and canning industry was of great importance.

Olympia has one university (Saint Martin's University) and two colleges (The Evergreen State College and South Puget Sound Community College).

The city is a regional arts and music center, including the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, with exhibitions and concerts. Arts Walk is held twice a year, one of them at the procession of the Species parade in April. The city has several theaters, including the Capitol Theater of the Olympia Film Society (OFS), which hosts annual film festivals. There are public exhibitions with installations and sculptures, including at the State Capitol Campus and at Percival Landing in the harbor area. The Olympia Farmers Market is open every Saturday and Sunday almost all year.


North American coastal tribes lived in the area for thousands of years before Peter Puget and the British Vancouver Expedition arrived as the first Europeans to the area in 1792. An American expedition arrived in 1841. The first American settlers, Levi Lathrop Smith and Edmund Sylvester, settled down there five years later and named the place Smithster, later Smithfield, after themselves. Sylvester is considered the founder of the city in 1851, and Olympia became a new city name that year. The first customs house at Puget Sound was erected in Olympia, which in 1853 became the provisional capital of the newly created Washington Territory.

The city's development, including with a no longer existing Chinese district, grew in the 1850s with shops, hotels, dry docks and boatbuilding. Olympia was incorporated as a city in 1859. The same year, the area began to enter the small steamship fleet Puget Sound mosquito fleet. Olympia became the capital of Washington state in 1889.

The first capitol building opened in 1893. The city grew, including an opera house, tram lines, a new hotel and street lighting. In 1911–1912, the city center was expanded by several quarters, and a deep-water port was constructed.

Olympia's population and economy grew as the city became a center for lumber processing during the First World War. Residential areas were built south and west of the city. The Washington State Capitol, which is a complex of buildings, was completed in 1928. In the city's downtown area, many historic buildings were destroyed by a 1949 earthquake.

Since the 1960s, Olympia's port area has lost a lot of industry, such as sawmill, plywood manufacturing and shipbuilding. In the 1960s, several malls opened in Olympia. A storm destroyed and damaged several buildings in 1962. Parts of Olympia were hit by earthquakes in 1965 and 2001 as well.

Apollo College
Medical and dental training school offers career placement, a list of academic programs available and a list of campus locations.

Apollo College


Bates Technical College
Find technical and career training programs at this community college, based in Tacoma, WA. Also find facts about their distance learning.

Bates Technical College


Bellevue Community College
School provides an academic calendar, a course catalog, a list of degrees and certificates and projected course offerings.

Bellevue Community College - Early Childhood Education
Browse the layout of this two-year program designed for facilitating employment as a teacher in preschools and childcare centers.

Bellevue Community College - Library
Visitors can connect to a catalog of the library media center's resources. With a link to a gallery space of exhibit work.

Bellevue Community College - Mathematics
Check course descriptions and a class schedule for the mathematics program at Bellevue Community College. Posts news and activities.

Bellingham Technical College
Located in Bellingham, Washington this community college offers vocational training. Learn about their degree and certificate programs.

Big Bend Community College
School known for its commercial pilot program provides maps and news, a faculty and staff email and Web page directory and a student info kiosk.

Cascadia Community College
Discover the courses and certificates offered at this community college located in Bothell, Washington. Also see a campus map.

Centralia College
Examine the oldest continuously operating community college in the state. Profile lists the certificates and associate degrees available.

Clark College
School located in Vancouver features admissions procedures, an application, a catalog, info about distance learning and a school newspaper.

Clover Park Technical College
Located in Lakewood, this school offers a job assistance center, admissions and registration information and job announcements.

Columbia Basin College
School located in Pasco provides news releases, instructional links, a college catalog, area-related links and an area map.

Edmonds Community College
Discover this school located on a 45-acre campus in Lynnwood. Features a class schedule, employment opportunities and housing information.

Everett Community College
School founded in 1941 is profiled with a brief history, a list of course offerings, links to class listings and a campus map.

Grays Harbor College
Explore this school that's been around for nearly 70 years. Profile features faculty homepages, contact info and a current class schedule.

Green River Community College
Two-year public college in Auburn offers info on its four basic types of educational programs, a student services overview and a site index.

Highline Community College
Check out this school that draws 10,000 students a year. Profile offers tuition and fees information and maps with driving directions.

Lake Washington Technical College
Check out this school offering degrees and certificates in nearly 40 career areas. Find lists of job opportunities and student services.

Lower Columbia College
Located in southwestern Washington, this school features a class listing, an academic calendar, job openings and financial aid information.

North Seattle Community College
Part of the Seattle Community College district. School's profile features recent news briefs, a technology center and a publications list.

Olympic College
Bremerton school describes its degree, certificate and continuing education programs. Find a course schedule and tuition details.

Peninsula College
Main campus in Port Angeles, Washington has extension sites in Forks and Port Townsend. Learn about courses in liberal studies and careers.

Pierce College
Check out this public two-year community college that offers military programs, financial aid opportunities and a student information kiosk.

Renton Technical College
Community college offers certification, degree, and adult education options. Check out a current course schedule.

Seattle Central Community College
Provides an overview of the Seattle college's programs, facilities, and faculty.

Seattle Community College - Libraries
Learn about the research tools available through this library or about the various campuses of this multicampus school.

Seattle Community College Federation of Teachers
Represents college faculty and presents union bylaws. Features a newsletter as well as school, government and union resources.

Shoreline Community College
Get a glimpse at this school 10 miles north of downtown Seattle. Profile offers a student club listing and maps of the college.

Skagit Valley College
School with multiple campuses is profiled. Includes student Web pages, campus maps, an overview of student services and class schedules.

South Puget Sound Community College
Profile of this school located in Olympia features campus news and events, faculty homepages, class descriptions and the student newspaper.

Spokane Community College
Part of Community Colleges of Spokane, this college's profile offers a campus directory, an info request form and a student life overview.

Spokane Falls Community College
School's profile features an academic calendar, a telephone directory, a regional map, a list of admission requirements and a search engine.

Tacoma Community College
School established in 1965 offers an events calendar and announcements, international student info and department and faculty homepages.

Tacoma Community College Student Support Services
Provides a complete overview of the student support services at this Washington college. Includes a photo album and staffing information.
Walla Walla Community College

Check out job placement services, degree and certificate programs, and financial aid at this junior college in Walla Walla, Washington.

Wenatchee Valley College
Two-year institution offers a calendar of events, online registration, and distance education options.

Whatcom Community College
School located in Bellingham offers general admissions information, an academic calendar and a student services overview.

Yakima Valley Community College
Overview of college includes an admissions and registration directory, information about distance learning and a list of online classes.




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