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Local Community Colleges in Missouri

Offers a list of all two-year community colleges and technical schools within Missouri, including brief introduction and official website address.
  • Topschoolsintheusa.com: Intended to pursue an associate degree in the state of Missouri? Here is a full list of both public and private community colleges within Missouri.

Kansas City, Missouri

According to Countryaah.com, Kansas City is the largest city in the state of Missouri in the United States with 491,918 residents (U.S. Census, 2018). The city is located west of Missouri and borders west of the other city of the same name in the state of Kansas. The two cities are part of a larger metropolitan area with about 2.1 million residents.

Kansas City, Missouri is located in a bowl-shaped recess on the south side of the Missouri and Kansas rivers (locally: Kaw River).

The name is after the Kansas River, by the indigenous word 'KaNze', which means 'southern wind'.


59.2 percent of the population is non-Hispanic white, 10 percent are Hispanic white, 2.5 percent are Asian, and 0.5 percent are North American Indigenous people.

Apart from declining population in the period 1980-2000 and 1860-1870, the population of the city has been increasing.

Economics and culture

Most people in Kansas City are employed in service industries. Among other things, the city is one of the ten regional office cities of the U.S. government. Many also work in education and in health care.

The city is an important communications and trade center in a rich agricultural district. Among other things, it is traded with grain, seeds and cattle. The industry includes grain storage (Kansas City Board of Trade deals with wheat), dairies (Dairy Farmers of America is America's largest cooperative), meat packing, meat and other food processing, automotive production, manufacturing of human and animal medicines, and printing and railroad workshops..

There are several universities, including The University of Missouri (opened in 1963), and colleges.

The city has a number of art galleries, including the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Lone Jack Civil War Museum and Missouri Town 1855 famous museums. With more than 200 fountains in activity, Kansas City is known as the "City of Fountains." Liberty Memorial is a 66-meter high monument in memory of the First World War. Swope Park has, among other things, open air theater.

The city is famous for the jazz style Kansas City jazz, which was developed in the late 1920s and early 1930s, as well as other music. The Kansas City Symphony is a well-known symphony orchestra. In 2018, Kansas City, as the only U.S. city to date, was named by UNESCO the 'City of Music'.

The Kaufmann Center for the Performing Arts opened in 2011. There are several theaters as well as the well-known Kansas City Ballet ballet company (founded 1957). The Crown Center cultural and business center opened in 1973. Swope Park has open air theater and a zoo.

The Harry S. Truman Sports Complex with two stadiums houses the city's football team (Arrowhead Stadium) and baseball team (Kaufmann Stadium).

Annual cultural events include Kansas City Film Fest in April, NASCAR on the Kansas Speedway circuit in May, Heart of America Shakespeare Festival in June-July, Wild West Days in October and WinterFest in November and December.


French fur traders were the first to settle permanently in the area in 1821. In 1833, later the Westport neighborhood was constructed and flourished as a center for the equipment of expeditions to the west. The place was called Westport Landing, and it flourished as a river port and terminal for Oregon and Santa Fe routes. In 1850, the town was named Town of Kansas. City status was granted in 1853.

During the American Civil War in 1861-1865, the city was divided and the site of several meetings. In 1865, the city was given a railroad to St. Louis, and a railroad bridge across the Missouri River opened in 1869. It connected with the Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad and a strong population growth followed. To distinguish the city from the territory of the same name, the city name was changed to Kansas City in 1889 and the city boundaries were expanded to the south and east.

In 1940-1960 Kansas City's area was twice as large, but the population increased by only 70,000 residents. The 1960s were characterized by racial riots, especially after the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. The decade was characterized by sluming of the inner city, while the city continued to grow.

During a dance performance in 1981, 114 people were killed and more than 200 injured after two floors of the Hyatt Regency walkway collapsed. Since 2000, parts of Kansas City have undergone extensive redevelopment and renewal. Among other things, the Kansas City Power & Light District (P&L) downtown office, retail and entertainment area was built in 2005-2008.

Blue River Community College
School with two locations offers an academic calendar, campus area road maps, an overview of student services and even classified ads.

Blue River Community College


East Central College
School founded in 1968 details its academic programs and library services. Located in Union, Missouri.

East Central College


Hickey College
Students can enroll in short-term professional and technical diploma and degree programs. School is located in St. Louis.

Jefferson College
Hillsboro, Missouri educational institution offers associate degrees and technical certificates. Read about student housing and the library.

Longview Community College
Located south of Kansas City, college offers a listing of departmental sites, an overview of student services and advising information.

Maple Woods Community College
Posts an academic calendar, announcements for students, and links to the departments at this college in Kansas City, Missouri.

MCC Business and Technology Center
Part of the Metropolitan Community Colleges system, the school provides a program overview and a list of training and services available.

Metropolitan Community Colleges - Kansas City, Missouri
Consortium of community colleges in Kansas City offers details of the different campuses and provides a tour of the Business Technology Center.

Moberly Area Community College
Survey this school with three campuses, which includes campus maps, departmental homepages, a schedule of events and a photo tour.

Ozarks Technical Community College
College located in Springfield focuses on short-term technical degrees and certifications. Find program descriptions and course schedules.

Penn Valley Community College
Find contact information for this school based in Kansas City, Missouri, and link to other colleges in its network. Read announcements.

Ranken Technical College
Learn about two-year degrees, adult education courses, and professional certification programs offered by this St. Louis school.

St. Charles County Community College
St. Peters, Missouri two-year college describes degree, transfer, and professional certification programs. Find course schedules.

St. Louis Community College
Largest community college system in Missouri offers a distance learning profile, a college catalog, calendars by semester and job opportunities.

St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley
Read an overview of this campus, find admissions and registration details, and find a calendar of events and academics.

St. Louis Community College, Forest Park
Browse this St. Louis, Missouri, school's course catalog and review its admissions policies. Includes links to its library.

St. Louis Community College, Meramec
St. Louis, Missouri, college posts calendars of events and also news for students. Details financial aid and registration.

State Fair Community College
Discover courses, degree and certification programs, student life, and transfer opportunities at this two-year college located in Sedalia.




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