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Local Community Colleges in Maine

Offers a list of all two-year community colleges and technical schools within Maine, including brief introduction and official website address.
  • Topschoolsintheusa.com: Intended to pursue an associate degree in the state of Maine? Here is a full list of both public and private community colleges within Maine.

Augusta, Maine

According to Countryaah.com, Augusta is the capital of the state of Maine in the United States with 18,594 residents (2017), and is located on the Kennebec River 92 miles northeast of Portland. It is the easternmost and third smallest state capital in the country, and is named after Pamela Augusta (1780-1799), daughter of General Henry Dearborn.

Business and culture

The most important trade routes are the operation of the state's government and light industry, including paper, textiles and foodstuffs. Tourism is of great importance.

The University of Maine at Augusta was founded in 1965 and the Fort Western Museum is a major attraction.


British fur hunters explored the area in 1607, and in 1628 the first English settlers from the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts arrived and set up the trading site Cushnoe (Kousinnoc) on the Kennebec River. There were constant clashes with American indigenous peoples. In 1754, Fort Western was built to protect against these attacks. In 1787, the settlement, known as 'the Fort,' was incorporated into the town of Harrington. Later that year, the town got its current name after Pamela Augusta Dearborn (1780-1799), daughter of General Henry Dearborn. Augusta became the capital of Maine in 1831. The following year, the Capitol Building (Maine State House) was completed.

Railway came in 1851. In 1865, a fire destroyed nearly a hundred buildings. In the late 19th century, a paper and pulp mill was built. A local hospital was established in 1898. In 1950, a 640 meter long bridge opened across the river in the center, where extensive urban renewal has been going on since the late 1900s.

Central Maine Technical College
School offers degree, diploma and certificate programs. Provides information on admissions, academic affairs and upcoming events.

Central Maine Technical College


Eastern Maine Technical College
Bangor institution specializes in technology as it can be applied to various industries. See campus maps.

Eastern Maine Technical College


Kennebec Valley Technical College
Check out the academic programs offered by this two-year college in Fairfield. Read about its partnerships with secondary schools.

Northern Maine Technical College
School offering both degree and non-degree programs is profiled. Features an application to download, program information and a newsletter.

Southern Maine Technical College
Two-year college in Portland offers more than 30 career-directed programs. Schedule a campus visit and a tour.




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