5 Foods for a Radiant Skin

Get to know the foods that make the diet more healthy and break, do well to the skin

Having a beautiful skin requires lot of care, but you can’t just wash it, moisturize it with special creams, to protect with a filter drop and make body scrubs. What you put on the dish, contributes so much to have a radiant skin.

5 Foods for a Radiant Skin 1

Therefore, it is important to smooth the routine treatment of the skin and eat the right foods to feel the results. Check out now the properties of five foods that when included in the diet, leave the skin with a natural glow.

1 – Yogurt

The yogurt is a good source of protein and contains vitamin A, which helps maintain the beauty of the skin in the day. In addition, it stimulates the metabolism and even offers the additional advantage of strengthening the nails. Always choose for skimmed and dietary.

5 Foods for a Radiant Skin 2

2 – sweet Potatoes

Include the sweet potatoes on your menu if you want to have a silky smooth skin. It is rich in beta-carotene, a pigment that turns into vitamin A after going through chemical reactions in the body and it is essential to leave the skin soft. If you don’t like sweet potatoes, substitute carrot, the effect is the same.

3 – dark Chocolate

Include chocolate on the list of foods that are good for the skin it seems too good to be true. A small piece of dark chocolate per day is enough to provide a large amount of flavonoids of the cocoa, all of which serve to leave the skin more soft and hydrated.

Even with beneficial effects for the skin proven, nothing too sweet. Eat a whole candy bar probably will not have good results on the scale.

5 Foods for a Radiant Skin 3

4 – Kiwi

Any food rich in vitamin C is considered to be a protector of the skin. This is because this type of vitamin exerts an antioxidant action on the skin, protecting it from accelerated aging, it favours the whitening of spots and stimulates collagen production which protects against wrinkles. Vitamin C is available in citrus fruits like the kiwi, orange, lemon, also in tomato, fresh vegetables and uncooked.

5 – Nuts and seeds

When you get hungry between meals, snack some nuts, almonds or sunflower seeds. They contain nutrients with anti-inflammatory action and strengthen the immunity of the body. Are also rich in vitamin E, which reduce the sagging of the skin.