Reasons to Visit Iran

4 Reasons to Visit Iran

  1. The war is over.

“Is the war already over there?” The last war, in which Iran was involved by the treacherous neighbor Iraq, was of course protracted, but ended in the distant 1988. And since then, the state has been building a peaceful, original and very happy life.

  1. Hospitality and goodwill.

At first, Iran will get to know you so gently, so as not to immediately shock you with the kindness of the local culture to the point of insanity. The faces are a little gloomy, there are a lot of people. Traffic. Crossing the street is a special art. Here are two rules to remember when crossing the street: “ignore the driver and run!” Otherwise, the contrast is still noticeable. People are more polite and attentive. Yes, they often look at you, study. Although, there are foreigners in the Iranian capital, but… there are still not so many of them.
The capital is the capital, but when you go to any city outside of it, the picture becomes 180 degrees different. Any passer-by, if you find a common language with him, will try to help you with something in a difficult situation. And often, even if you don’t find a common language, someone will be happy to steal a picture of you on an iPhone, like something rare, foreign, if not alien.
Passing by the frequent green flowering parks on weekends, Iranians who love to have family picnics on the grass will sometimes call you disinterestedly and from the bottom of their hearts to join the meal. And the smaller the city, and the less foreign tourists in it, the more such a reaction of the local population will surprise you more and more often! Yes, you are a guest here. And not uninvited, but on the contrary – desired. Here you can be treated on the streets, taken by the hand to the exchange office, given something memorable… something special… for example, sincere smiles, the joy of your presence and positive, memories of which will warm for a long time upon arrival back and warm up repeatedly back to this country, to these amazing people!

  1. Life without drinking.

According to Topschoolsintheusa, there are prohibitions in the country regarding the moral foundations of society, and alcoholic beverages here are absolute “haram”. Which directly translates as sin. Well, formally, their use is also a severe violation of the law. Responsibility for this extends both to the Iranians themselves and to the guests of the country. However, it is very difficult to break the law, because on any counter of numerous stores you will not find a bottle of Klinsky, let alone the harsh Johnny Walker. Beer is sold, but exclusively non-alcoholic. So, the country will appeal to supporters of a healthy lifestyle. A trip to Iran is a great option to look at this amazing people for a number of our fellow citizens who live without alcohol, but at the same time are positive, smiling and very happy with life!
Here you have juicy kebabs made from natural tasty meat… Hot tea with oriental sweets, and most importantly – warm communication with friends. Try this option if you are not afraid of addiction!

  1. Persepolis.

The ancient city of Persepolis (age – only the 6th-5th centuries BC), which means the city of the Persians, was assigned by the world organization UNESCO no less importance than Troy. Iran as a whole is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here there are already 17 of them, and another 52 objects of historical and archaeological interest to the world are included in the queue for possible inclusion in this list. However, if wandering among those old stones of Troy, it will somehow be difficult for you to imagine vivid pictures of antiquity – Achilles in armor, beautiful Helen… Attention from the dull picture of the surroundings will rather switch to the ubiquitous lizards and souvenir sellers. That … Persepolis – that’s completely different. The citadel of the Persians has been preserved as chic as it was possible for thousands of years. Wandering between the majestic ancient columns, it is easy to imagine King Cyrus the Great, who founded the city and conquered Babylon itself, as well as his invincible army, which the citizens greeted with flowers on the streets. And looking at the completely preserved wall bas-reliefs, find out how the society of those times lived in the era of the religion of Zoroastrianism. On stone pictures you will see priests, warriors, and ordinary citizens. And a lot of mystical symbolism of this spiritual teaching. Zoroastrianism was later subjected to severe persecution… Virtually destroyed by the conqueror Alexander the Great, who burned and drowned in the sea the volumes of the unique sacred Zoroastrian book Avesta, which was kept in the City of the Persians and written in gold ink on 12,000 ox skins. However, despite these efforts of the famous Greek, Zoroastrianism is still alive in Iran, being the historical religion of these lands. True, it is practiced by an absolute minority of people, mainly by the communities of the inhabitants of the city of Yazd.

Reasons to Visit Iran