Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Watch

Now, Zenith is a taste of what awaits lovers of luxury watches in the year 2013. With the Academy Christophe Columbus Hurricane, the factory resident of the Swiss Le Locle launches a very special timepiece, in which the technical abilities of the watchmakers of Zenith always evolved since 1865 shows impressive. 

The new creation will present the Swiss luxury watch brand at Basel world in April 2013. Zenith Academy Christophe Columbus Hurricane has not only the movement First, whose frequency of 36,600 vibrations per hour modified balance oscillates, well-known for the manufacture but was equipped with a technology, which is based on the Elimination of errors of is ochronism ‘ and in addition improves the accuracy of the clock. But not only the technical facilities of the Academy Christophe Columbus hurricane is impressive – a looker is also visually the new Zenith Watch.

Strikes in the eye of the 173 component gyroscopic cage at six o’clock. Thanks to a sapphire glass made of one piece, the power transmission system with chain, screw and barrel can be seen in his work. In honor of the discoverer Christopher Columbus, which owe their name to the innovative watches in the collection of Christophe Columbus, a world map on the gyroscopic module was engraved by using a laser. The exclusive watch only 25 copies are left the production halls of the zenith.