Your Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas shopping list is longer than ever and in addition must be added the cost of gifts (approximately 240 euros expected the CECU). The question is, can I save money without giving up spending?

In this regard Consumers Union of Spain offers some tips for the pocket of the consumer will suffer as little as possible.

It must not be fooled by advertising the bargain. Quality always has a price.

You must not rely blindly on well-known brands since its popularity does not always correspond with their quality.

Buy fresh produce and freeze; If you wait until the last moment to make shopping for typical products of Christmas it will be difficult to save.

Save the receipts if necessary to make a claim.

Make purchases before December 15. That date prices suffer a high increase.

It is convenient to make a general forecast of expenditure on the basis of the available budget and make sure not to exceed their means.

Compensates to devote some time to compare prices in different establishments as hypermarket, supermarket, traditional shops and markets district; the savings can be considerable.

Consumer rights

The rush are bad counselors. Pay particular attention to the expiration date of the products you buy, since you can put on sale items stored for a long time.

It must be borne in mind that at this time the rights of the consumer are the same: compliance should be required and, in the event of a claim, you can claim to consumer associations and/or the relevant consumer authorities.