You Know What They Say about Men with Big Feet

Do you have big feet and hard to find shoes in your size in regular stores?Through the years we have received some questions from men who do not quite fit in the restrictive standards for clothing and shoes.Unfortunately, it is not so much to do if you come to life with big-or unnaturally genes. Clothing manufacturers put little, if any, resources to assist this relatively tiny audience, with the result that the selection becomes very limiting.

Grand Shoes is an online shop that caters to men who are stable on Earth.The range is the shoes of different models in sizes 47-52, from well known as lesser known brands. As you can imagine is the store’s founder, Frederick H, endowed with large feet, and when a company has a good understanding of their customers’needs is often good.

I myself have feet that I myself perceive to be pretty välvuxna, size 45, and a problem you may encounter is that some shoe models look excessive out on his feet. Frederick writes itself on the site that the selection of shoes made with this in mind, so even though the shoes are in large sizes, they see clear proportionate out in its execution.

The store has also taken online shoppers ‘ limitations and made to their advantage. Each shoe model has been measured on the inside so that you can search through the offer and quickly see what shoes that actually fit.Clearly exemplary.