Yoga Positions: The Greeting To The Moon (Chandra Namaskar)

Do You Know Yoga Postures?

Would that comes in mind when we talk about yoga postures?

Perhaps “the greeting to the Sun”, happens to you but… Do you know the greeting to the Moon?

The greeting to the Moon (the Chandra namaskar), as the greeting to the Sun, they are asanas practiced fluently and with cohesion between body and mind through breathing as described in healthy practice. The difference between the two is that the greeting to the Sun gives us energy and prepares the body for action, being therefore ideal to practice it to mornings. However, the greeting to the Moon is composed of positions that lead us to calm, to a State of relaxation and meditative. Therefore, it can be a very good to rest better at night practice.

There are many greetings to the Moon, but I am going to show one of which is made up mostly by asanas reversed. I have made this selection because these positions are beneficial to irrigate the heart, brain , and lungs; helping the venous return (improved circulation). This makes us feel more relaxed after practice it.

Below, you can see some pictures in order of execution. Remember that it becomes fluid, linking a posture to the next. Inhaled or take air when stretched, and is expelled in the following position, bending the body.

Finally, I recommend for this type of asanas a mat with greater thickness, being able to be her ideal that appears in the photos (comfort mat, 8 mm), to better protect the zones of greater support (cervical and sacral).

Now I encourage to try the greeting to the Moon and enjoy its benefits! I hope your comments Yogis.