Year and a Half to Design a Knob: The Extreme Attention of Apple for Details 2 Campus

It may that Steve Jobs, the brain behind the 2nd Apple Campus project now is in its last phase of works, it is not. But his almost fanatical attention to absolutely all the details that have to decorate the complex It remains in the company, and corroborated by a new report from Reuters.

In the article, the source It details some of the obstacles that Campus 2 works can have been delayed a few months. Since Apple is has called for everything to be perfect, to the nearest millimetre. Meetings with construction companies have been held only to make clear how they have to be the finishing of the ends of lines.

The ‘signature’ of Apple: ask the impossible and make it possible

Those who have talked with Reuters works past and present workers are (recall that Apple changed from company to medium construction process), which have preferred to stay anonymous so that they do not receive sanctions. For the Apple company the new complex is one product more, as the iPhone or the iPad, and they have treated it as such.

“Imagine how it is throughout a building with the level of care that you design a smartphone”

Some of the demands that Apple put on the table from the outset of the project already are quite characteristic of his philosophy: pipes or vents anywhere. For the workers, in the discussions Apple seemed even ignore some things which simply asked they could not become reality. One of the anonymous asks us to imagine how he can be a building with the same level of attention that you dedicate to the design of a smartphone.

Elevator buttons are the form of the Home button of the iOS devices. The doors are completely smooth and blend into the walls, so that Apple engineers will not have to reduce the step when they pass by them. Apple argues that that “could distract them” of their work. It is something that according to workers never had become, with its consequent expenditure of time and additional resources.

The workers had to deal with 30 pages just to learn how to treat the wood import receiving manuals. All the workers had to wear gloves to be able to treat material. Each of those details involved months of arguments, which, in turn, paralysed or delaying other parts of the building.

More examples: fifteen meetings with the Santa Clara Fire Department took to confirm that all regulations on evacuation of buildings were met despite the demands of Apple design. Holder Construction and Rudolph & Sletten were responsible for designing the door knob. Apple rejected countless prototypes because I noticed imperfections, to the point where companies had to correct errors in the colours measuring nanometer. Apparently they have a year and a half with this problem, and has not been resolved.

All of this is pretty clear one thing: when the Campus 2 is finished will be something really worth seeing. The last dream of Steve Jobs will become a reality, and no doubt Apple will show off much of its new office complex insofar as this open doors. What a pity that he won’t have area for visitors.