Yahoo May be Planning to Return to Have Its Own Search Engine

If you followed the market internet in recent years, not only must know that Yahoo already had a mechanism search itself and has also been the segment leader. Today, the company’s focus is on the content offer, but two alleged newly discovered projects indicate that Yahoo may be planning to return to acting like the old days.

Under the codenames Fast Break and Curveball, both projects are being dealt with separately, but have the same goal, although it is not known exactly what the functions of each: end the current agreement set Bing as default search engine of Yahoo and, of course, develop its own engine.

The plan, without any awkwardness, was being orchestrated by Marissa Mayer, but relies on the involvement of several executives of weight in the company, including Laurie Mann, current vice president of search division.

I think that this is another step towards the “revitalization” of Yahoo. It may even be, as Marissa Mayer has done a good job in this regard, despite the latest financial results were not encouraging.

There may be, however, a strong relationship between the alleged projects and a general dissatisfaction with the current agreement with Microsoft, which would generate less revenue than when Yahoo was using its own engine.

Separate Microsoft is far from an easy task: the contract between both parties, closed in 2009, it is valid for ten years and, despite the dissatisfaction, searches with Bing accounted for 31% of Yahoo’s revenue last fiscal period, although part of this percentage is due to terms that will expire in March 2014, unless it is renewed.

Whatever the case, sources close to say the direction of the company is addressing the issue with top priority and has even set a deadline for submission of projects: the next four months.