Wolford Balances: Swimsuits And Tights

Wolford is a brand before all known for the quality of its weavings of tights.Whether it is nylon, Lycra or other materials are multiple for this brand that creates tights with a flexibility and unmatched softness. Down, ready-to-wear and swimwear, Wolfordshop.fr offers many products in soldes and does not seduce us…
Wolford represents the beauty and culture in the world and it shows in its models. Quality and creativity are the key words of this brand that continues to produce innovative products and following the trend of the moment. Indeed, Wolford has dozens of patents for the weaving of her stockings and pantyhose and promotes the introduction of innovations. Her pantyhose are adapted to the daily life of every woman and so are worn to different circumstances.
The Wolford balances, it’s the perfect opportunity for a ride in the radius of the tights as described in maternity clothes and swimwear since the price of these products is generally quite high, but their quality and their design to worth it! In addition, a Factory Outlet category, with only of sale items, is present on the site.Therefore, we have selected for you some tights and swimwear at discount prices that are worth a visit…
Wolford Balances: Selection Swimsuits And Tights
Favorite for this ‘Horizon Tights’ sticky resembles ultra sensual. If you don’t want patterns of tumbledown while being elegant, opt for the sticky black slightly transparent. From the front, you might think these tights is quite trivial but think again! At the rear a fine golden fluid line traverses your legs from the bottom up for effect chic and charming available. Very discreet at the ankle, more it goes up and over his gold band intensifies to give you very long legs.
His little more? It is worn with high heels of the same color to be subtly elegant. Build these two accessories with intelligence to make one and it becomes very confusing… Its price is €20,00 instead of €37,00 for the Wolford balances (link: Wolfordshop.fr/tights ))
We all know, print to peas is and will remain always timeless. But to be original, do not wear on clothes but on her pantyhose! The evidence with this sticky black ‘Loella Tights”with white polka dots. Precious and elegant, this reminds us the old years where women wore similar tights. These soft and velvety tights will suit very well to women who wish to have a chic look with a touch of retro very discreet.
He dressed in a short black dress and black heels varnish for a successful glamour style ! Its price is €43.00 instead of €79.00, at the Wolford balances (link: Wolfordshop.fr/tights )).
The brand Wolford is known for her style very Classic and glamorous. This swimsuit represents well this spirit with his band shape and its solid red color. Looking more closely, it is enhanced thin ribs what differentiates subtly a regular Red swimsuit. We love: its link that is not attached to the clasps to either remove it or tie it according to our desires. In addition, his smooth underwear will give you the chance to dive into the waves while your swimsuit parte.
Foolproof, chic and comfortable, it will make the happiness of women who like practical and cute swimsuits. The top price is € 77,50 instead of € 155.00 and one at the bottom is of € 49,50 instead of €79.00, at the Wolford balances (link: Wolfordshop.fr/swimwear )).
To find more pantyhose and swimsuits and enjoy the Wolford sales, go to Wolfordshop.fr.
At the following links: Wolfordshop.fr/tights and Wolfordshop.fr/swimwear.