Winterizing Your Boat

If unfortunately the boating season is over, it’s time to put your boat in winter storage and winterization. Winter your boat is important for maintaining your boat. There are many things that need to be in order before the boat can go into hibernation. The necessary measures must be taken so that anti-freeze severe frost ships + frost-proof equipment through the winter.

Winter-Winter card your boat

Sent put on Trestles. Make sure that the four props in buck sit well against the hull and the keel is supported in several places. You want to do from time to time on board your ship must be properly supported. Make no mistake: a boat is designed so that the forces until well distributed in the water. On sailboats, it is recommended that the mast during the winter to get from the boat and keep it somewhere else. Many ports have facilities for this. Remember, use during heavy storms much side pressure on the mast, and as the ship is great resistance, particularly the mast foot and wandputtings are taxed.

Rendering engine for the winter

If the engine itself is winterized, please note the following:
Open Cooling system:

  • Unscrew the drain plug in the bottom of the engine loose so that the cooling water is in the bottom of the engine can run out and take it with a cloth.Nothing comes out, try to pierce with a pointed object, it may be that the sliding seals the opening. Tighten the drain plug.
  • Remove the thermostat from the engine and attach it again.
  • Fill a bucket with 2 litres anti-freeze coolant and fill with water.
  • Disconnect the suction hose from the coolant, and attach to the end a funnel.
  • Attach now a collection bucket under the spout so that later on the cooling water can be collected.Start the engine and at the same time, the casting of the coolant in the funnel, so frost the refrigerant is absorbed by the entire system.
  • When the bucket is empty, turn off the engine.
  • Pump the oil from the engine, replacing the oil filter and change the oil.
  • Replace all fuel filters.
  • Fill the fuel tank up, so no moisture and condensation may occur.
  • Make sure the engine is completely vented.
  • Replace the impeller of the cooling water pump, including seal.
  • Grease the poles of the battery with Vaseline and disconnect the battery by pressing the + and-poles of the pick up.Check if the battery is fully charged.
  • Check all hoses for leaks.
  • Finally, make sure that the engine compartment is clean and dry.

Frost protection measures in the ship

  • Pumping all the water remaining in the water tank is out.
  • Turn off all valves in the sink, sink and toilet open so any water left in the system to drain out.
  • Turn the valve closes.
  • Fill out all water users with antifreeze and then turning the valve again for a short time to open and close, so anti-frysvätskan can reach the valve.

Other actions-Winter your boat

  • Get it all from the Board that absorbs moisture, such as pillows, food and books.
  • Ensure that all batteries are fully charged and turn off the main valve in the power supply.
  • Grease the battery poles with Vaseline and disconnect the batteries with the + and-terminals of the pick up.
  • Give a little ventilation and put some vrochtvreters in your ship.
  • Also remove the mooring lines on board: you can do this safely in the washing machine, so they are clean again the next boating season can go on board.
  • Take your bottle on board and keep it at home, for example, in the barn or in the garage.
  • Is your boat on the page in all weather: make sure you get a good pool cover, but also resistant to wind around your ship.

In summary-the winter your boat

Make yourself a job list of all the things you have noticed during the trip and work off it during the winter. In addition to that you have on Saturday for a moment to be like a good excuse, your ship will remain in good condition. A ship has a lot of both during the journey and during the winter, endure and if barely cared for, quickly deteriorate. If you take the above questions in your post, you many years of enjoyment from your boat.