Winter Footwear

Now that the cold is already beginning to feel in our mountains, it is time to think in the equipment to go out in winter.

We have already dedicated more than one article on the subject of the warm clothes, essential to have technical clothing quality, with its three layers corresponding to better cope with harsh weather conditions and above all, accessories for cold and ride in a comfortable way.

This time we talk sneakers of winter as described in shoes type, an essential element since the feet, like the hands, have less blood circulation when pedalling and although the rest of the body is well sheltered, feel cold on the feet is not very nice.

While most cyclists only have a pair of shoes that used interchangeably in all seasons, this is an error, since least cyclists should have two pairs of shoes, normal or such, and winter, much more specific and designed to keep feet warm.

First and most important is to use a good sock. A type of specific sock for cycling, which has a fabric that maintains the temperature of the foot insulated from the outside with a good sneaker. Sneakers that usually have a high rod that serves to maintain hot also ankles.

Socks there are various types, they tend to cost between 10 or 15 euros and the merino wool fabric is one of the most used options, although I personally prefer synthetic type, polypropylene or polar fiber will also keep us always dry and hot foot. We must also bear in mind comfort and if you have allergies to any of the fibers before mentioned. With this fundamental basis it is time to look at the shoes, which include those specific to winter, which as I have said earlier, must be of type loot. They are the best choice if we want to protect our foot in the water, wind and cold, especially if we live in areas of moist as Valencia winters or summits, with snow. Woodwinds (Gore Tex and neoprene mainly) extends from the midsole (preventing the entrance of water under the cleat if you cross some River) until the bottom of the ankles.

Many of them are aimed at temperatures between 5 ° or 0 ° and even lower, but that combined with a sock something else fine, we can use it above these temperatures. They have the disadvantage that their use may be limited to a few months, but also the duration of them is vastly greater than the conventional. We take into account the price, although it may be high, at a glance is not more expensive than a good shoe running, for example.

Even so, if we don’t want to make this investment, always can have normal sneakers, that of quality, and use in addition to the proper sock, a covering boots or shoes, which are a few covers in neoprene or other materials such as Goretex and Windstopper, designed to cover the shoe in its entirety, as a sock on adjusted with Velcro shoe covers , except for the bottom to be able use the coves of the pedals or walking where necessary. Among the advantages of the Bootie is its ease of use, since they can be installed on the vast majority of sneakers on the market and its cost, much less to a specific shoe from winter. In addition, we can remove them on the route and store them in the backpack if the temperature rises. However, they have the disadvantage that left open in the sole area, they are not 100% effective against the water, leaving even well tight. In addition, with them we can not adjust the shoe on the fly and its sole is impaired if we walk with them jobs.

In my experience, when I used these boots covers, I’ve always finished destroying them, walking with them when it was necessary in some stretches of road in bad condition or steep slopes. On the other hand, and although this material not what I have used, there are the “hot feet”, which are bags that are previously heated for a few minutes and are kept at a good temperature for 5 hours. They say that using these bags between the shoe and sock, below the toes, you carry them hot during the entire route. They are a unique use and sale goes in boxes of 10 bags, which give us to five outputs.

We return to remember, taking advantage of this article, the advantage of automatic pedals: vamos more subject to the bike, they are much safer since feet are not allowed to leave, give a feeling of integration bici-cuerpo and allow the feet in the same position, avoiding injury. Virtually all of mountain and road cyclists use, now that Yes, shoes, summer or winter, should be hard-soled.