Why Apple Has Decided to Return to San Jose for WWDC This Year?

No, do not think we know anything about: also surprised to see that Apple has already officially announced WWDC this year. The company tends to do so in mid-April (here last year), but This 2017 not even done February and we already have the event confirmed.

Not only that, but there is a change of location. The 2017 WWDC will be held in the city of San Jose, specifically at the McEnery Convention Center. It’s a huge venue located in the heart of the city and a convenient few miles from Mineta international airport. The change is not bad, but we ask: by what this premature confirmation and for this change?

First of all, let’s summarize some basic information. The WWDC is the most important event that Apple makes every year, where thousands of developers and engineers gather to see the services and software (and sometimes hardware) has prepared for your devices. This year we will see the announcement of iOS 11 and macOS 10.13, whose details are still completely unknown.

San Jose as the new “capital area” of Apple

This is the McEnery Convention Center, where will be held the WWDC 2017, as seen from the maps of Apple app.

It always seems that WWDC has been concluded at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, but that is not true. The event It began to be held in 1988 precisely at the McEnery Convention Center San Jose, until Apple decided to move it to the Moscone West in San Francisco in 2003. Therefore it is not only a change, it is a return. The celebration of the event at the Bill Graham Civic Center of downtown San Francisco stays as something unique, an exception.

Jim Dalrymple has been able to talk to Phil Schiller about the movement from The Loop, where the Executive says that the McEnery Convention Center It has more or less the same capacity (maybe a little less) than the of the Centro Cívico Bill Graham: there is room for 5,000 developers and 1,000 more engineers, not counting members of the press.

Now well: to find compelling reasons justifying this movement, must be more concrete data on the table:

  • Both the San Jose International Airport and the McEnery Convention Center they are less than 20 minutes drive from central offices Apple in Cupertino. Less than 15 minutes if traffic is flowing.
  • The distance is shortened even more if we take into account that in June probably the headquarters of Apple already have moved to Apple Campus 2, that is still closer to downtown San Jose. They will be planning an opening for those dates and will take advantage of its proximity to San Jose for this?
  • Apple wants to make a new Campus of offices of nearly 40 hectares in San Jose, a size that would leave small even to Campus 2.
  • Apple has 17.4 hectares acquired just off of San Jose’s Mineta international airport. Right next to the Guadalupe River. If you look at the location from Google Maps the area is at an early stage of works. Let’s recap on a map:

From one end to another of the map we not arrive within 20 minutes drive. While Cupertino to San Francisco there are easily more than one hour, and that traffic permitting. Something that almost never happens.

  • I have personally traveled to San Francisco to cover events of press three times, two last year alone. And if I have learnt anything from the city that its access road are a constant bottleneck. Not to say that the prices of the hotels. and other services are through the roof.
  • In San Jose There are no space limitations as in the San Francisco Bay, so to accommodate the press and developers for the event it will not be so difficult.

And how it is not, the reaction of the Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, before the confirmation, also collected by Jim Dalrymple:

We are excited that Apple has chosen San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley and the site of the first WWDC for editing of 2017. We are going to work with Apple to create a special experience for the thousands of visitors who will visit San Jose during the event. On behalf of all the city I would like to place a warm invitation to Apple developers, sponsors and enthusiasts from all over the world so that they join us in the center of the city to see the latest innovations from Apple.

To top it off, Jim says that the climate of San Jose is much better than in the San Francisco Bay area. Something that might also be more sympathetic for those who are there. With everything you have said, can San Jose becomes a new city to keep in mind for everything related to Apple. For us in Spain is still extremely far, but more than one American developer is also going to thank.