Where To Find Decorative Items For Your Home

Many Brazilians take advantage of January for vacation, travel abroad and do a little shopping, even to rearrange the House.

Claudine Blanco, Director of the ViaBr travel agency, ensures that Orlando, United States, is the main destination of Brazilians.  There, the store more sought after by visitors is the Bed Bath & Beyond, which has articles for bed, table, kitchen and several other items to the residence. It is also included in the script the Crate Barrel, West Elm &, IKEA and the decoration department Macy s.

“Have those looking for decorations for kids, the tip is to visit the Pottery Bank Kids, which has pieces of bed, table, bath, in addition to furniture, decorative items and toys,” advises the expert. Those who want to invest in parts for kitchen can know the products from Sur la Table.

In Europe the purchases are more selected and usually tourists choose pieces of art, typical things to remember the journey, or exclusive pieces of design. Find affordable wall stickers on gradphysics.com.

In France, Le Marché de La Création de Paris, Montparnasse, is an open-air fair very well known by foreigners. “There you can find the art in all its forms, through paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs, collages, ceramics and silk paintings,” says Claudine.

Who goes to Italy can book a time to visit Milan. “The city is a paradise for lovers of design, because offers from exclusive furniture kitchen objects. La Rinascente is one of the favorite stores “, let me know.

In Germany, a good option is the Butlers, which has furniture and decoration items for the home environments, including for children. In Argentina, more precisely in the capital, Buenos Aires, worth panning antiques in San Telmo ferinhas or visit the designer shops in Palermo.

Asia and Africa

Claudine also points out cool places in Asia and Africa. In South Africa, she recommends two shops of decoration, including are at the airport in Johannesburg. One of them is the Indaba Lifestyle, which she considers more exquisite and decorative parts of several countries in Africa, such as towels, cutlery and placemats. “The pieces are wonderful and the prices, compared to those of Brazil, are a bargain,” he says. Another option is the Out of Africa, which has the most affordable prices.

According to the Director, in Asia, in general purchases are made in the street, going through shops or stalls during the tours. “So, it’s always nice to have cash on hand, because it will be impossible not to buy in these places,” warns.

In India there are many textiles (quilts, scarves, rugs) and marble with inlaid stones, that mimic the art of Taj Mahal. “In Thailand, there are many fabric pieces too, especially the pads, but the prices of the statues of the gods, Buddhas and elephants are a Doom” alerts.

Finally, a cool tip for anyone who likes to travel and is passionate about decorating is always bring a typical book of each place visited. “There are beautiful books, with fantastic photos and you can use them on the table or on a shelf, because apart from being very beautiful, that will help keep the good memories of times spent”, guides Claudine.