What’s Hot This Week: Crazy for Nail Polish!

Last week I presented to you the best and newest enamel of Piracicaba, the  Crazy for Enamels.  And this week we went to the store to check the news on imported glazes, which have just arrived and will make you even more in love with the store! LOL

Latika, Bourjois  and  ArtDeco  are some of the new features that have arrived, as well as more color options in  Revlon  and  OPI.  Some women have allergic problems with some enamels, so imported ones are all hypoallergenic, an excellent option to buy!

Filled with specific products to please any and every woman, La Nava by Enamels also brought in more stickers and nail files with various colors, prints and designs.

And for those who do not have much time to remove the enamel, we also have  the Blant remover sponge, which is perfect for when you spoil only one nail and want to redo the glaze quickly. Super effective, and with a great price! So run already in the store and get yours!

Do not forget:  For every $ 20.00 in purchases, the person gets a coupon to run for a draw of 500 nail polishes for a single person on July 30! Is not that incredible? Even I’m already participating !! Hehe.

The store is located in Piracicaba-SP, at the Summer Mall(Av. Armando Salles de Oliveira, 1415, Centro)