What to Wear for Summer 2016

The shoes can not avoid in summer? Flat sandals and the barefoot. With them, our little feet finally scream: ‘freedom’ and they love it especially when they are bronzed and manicured. Sandals jewelry, fringe or beaded, spatiates and tap, find the Barefoot you’ll want to adopt this summer. Summer happiness.

What we like in summer? Wear light robes. Out our legs. But above all free our feet of boots that loved in winter but we want to see in the closet all summer.

Sandals and barefoot, spring declared open season the tootsies. Released and delivreeeeeeeeeeees.

To find out what to wear is safe, iamhigher will show you the trends of shoes for summer! Sandals, Yes, but why? We toured of the collections of the season to you the rundown of trends, but also templates you need.

Jewelry trend shoes spring summer 2016 sandals

This season, the barefoot are more than summer Sandals. They become real feet accessories. It’s the jewelry coming to sublimate. The jewelry sandals are one of the shoes spring summer 2016 unavoidable trends.

How they are? The key word with the jewelry sandals? GLAMOUR. We avoid to wear them with a simple pair of jeans. No. Sandals jewelry can be worn with a short summer dress or a long dress.Far from being reserved to the red carpet, they associate still better with a Bohemian and glamorous style.

Sandals with fringe, trend shoes spring summer 2016

Ah, the fringes. It is THE subject of trends spring summer 2016. They are embedded everywhere.On the bags spring summer 2016 mid-season jackets, also on the barefoot.

How they are? In a Bohemian style. With a long dress, light and fluid in the gypsy, the return of the 1970s trend, it’s perfect.

The iridescent barefoot, trend shoes spring summer 2016

Gold or silver flat Sandals to play it: “all that glitters”. Among the range of colours, the Barefoot choose the iridescent hues. Result? We see more than your feet.

How they are? Frankly with everything. With a white dress or a black spring dress was for an evening or with jeans boyfriend for the day, they will go with all your styles.

The Kouba barefoot, trend shoes spring summer 2016

Laced sandals, it’s THE barefoot trend of the season. Sometimes cousins of the Spartan, it is found from every angle. Rising or low, it will be for you to choose the model of your dreams.

How they are? With shorts or a short dress. The Kouba barefoot exist to be seen. No need to hide them under a long summer dress.

And then, we find, as every year, the Spartans, beaded sandals, Birkenstock way barefoot or even ethnic printed barefoot. Will you find your happiness for this summer?