What to Give for Christmas

While it is true that the best gift at Christmas is to remember and try to spend the longest time possible with our family, a special for our loved detail is memorable.

So, if you still can’t think of what to give you those special Christmas people, this article will help you much because you offer different ideas for gifts of all kinds and price.

For it

This category includes possible gifts for men in general that may be your father, brother, grandfather, uncle, husband,

If you are a football fan, a Jersey of his favorite team surely it will fascinate you.

If it is the intellectuals a good book or a CD of classical music they will please you very much from http://www.automotiveqna.com/2016/03/31/christmas-songs/.

If ‘he’ is known for being the Executive star in their work, any accessory for your desktop will be very useful.

It will be for those who enjoy being in fashion, a change in your wardrobe happy. If you have a stylish look, a nice watch, a tie or a few twins for their shirts fall you perfectly.

For the adventurous, a good gift can be a tent, Switzerland knife, a flashlight and a compass… anyway, there are many options for those who like walking in nature.

A good perfume is also an excellent gift.

If your budget allows you, a palm or a PDA may be a good option.

For the home, a game table or computer.

If “he” is a “fix everything”, a set of tools you love.

If you have more traditional tastes, a wallet or a belt of sober colors can be like much.

For those who enjoy with very sophisticated pleasures, a good wine or a box of cigars will be his delight.

A very nice gift is also a pyjama or a pair of slippers.

For the confectioners, a box of chocolates or a can of biscuits.

For her

This category includes possible gifts for women in general that may be your mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, wife, girlfriend, friend, etc.

A CD is a nice gift as long as you know to choose the type of music that you like the person that you’re going to give away. Remember that the gift is not for you, so choose a type of music that you know that you will like her.

If practical and functional things like “she” you can give an organizer for your personal items, or a set of accessories for your office desk.

If you are lover of sport, nothing better than a sports set that can include nets and poles to the different accessories according to the sport of your choice.

A book is also an excellent gift. Keep in mind the type of reading that might like and most importantly: don’t forget to write a dedication on the first page.

A nightdress of silk, a perfume or a jewel is perfect for the wife or girlfriend.

If you know the size, settle on clothes, always like that to women.

If you do not know many tastes, a box of chocolates is always a good choice.

For children

Christmas is for children. In this category you will find ideas for the little kids.

According to ages:

0-6 months: You need toys that help you discover your body and distinguish different textures, shapes and colors. The rattles, mobiles wedge, rubber toys, teethers, carpets with activities, etc.

7-12 months: The baby begins to explore the objects and recognize voices. Balls, rag doll, noise-making toys, tentetiesos, rockers and walkers.

13-18 months: The children know to go and recognize the properties of objects. The cubes to fit, and stacking, three-wheeled bikes and strollers.

19-24 months: THE child speaks and understands, begins to discover its environment. Cars, bikes, boards, paintings, musical instruments, dolls and animals.

2-3 years: They begin to feel curiosity for the names and mimic familiar scenes. Tricycles, shovels, buckets, puzzles, paint, phones and dolls.

3-5 years: Child begins to ask, learn songs and play with their friends. Bikes, boards, tape recorders, tales, puppets and cromy. A game of bucket, rake and moulds for sand would also be ideal. A fun and educational game are legos.

6-8 years: Child know for adding and subtracting, read and write. Skateboards, remote control cars, hand games, questions and experiments. It is good to encourage the sport in children, so all kinds of balls (soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.) is a good choice. For artists, a box of colors, temperas and a book for drawing and coloring are excellent. Board games are fun and help the family to play together.

9-11 years: Are they interested in complicated activities. Sports accessories, games of strategy and reflection, audiovisual, electronic and experiments. A Play Station 2 is a gift of fashion and very desired by children today. For those who like the beach, they’ll love a table of safe surfing.