What to Buy for Baby Arrival?

The enthusiasm of mothers with the arrival of a baby is immense, most of the future moms waiting for the 3 months of gestation to buy the first miminhos. What to buy for the arrival of the baby?

What to Buy for Baby Arrival?

The greatest difficulty for mothers is to resist so much supply, the baby articles are beautiful.

You should prepare the arrival of the baby calmly, some articles are expensive and are worth the money because it is necessary to ensure the safety of the little ones.

Try to create a beautiful yet comfortable environment. Fortunately there are some lists that help parents at the time of shopping, are a way to prevent parents from buying too much, after all babies grow fast and sometimes do not even wear certain clothes.

Shopping List for Baby’s Arrival

Here is a list of some items that should be part of your shopping list and do not forget that you can then buy something that is missing.


  • A bed of bars (the distance between the bars should not be more than 6 cm)
  • A preference dresser with the option of changing diapers
  • A lamp
  • An easy-to-feed armchair


  • 6-8 cotton interior sets
  • 6-8 babygrows
  • 2-3 cardigans.
  • 4-6 pairs of cotton socks.
  • 1-2 pairs of shoes to get out.
  • 1 hat.
  • 1-2 caps (the material depends on the height at which the baby will be born)
  • 6-8 bunk beds.
  • 12 cloth diapers.
  • 4 bath sheets with hood.


In this case depends a lot, if you are breastfeeding you do not need to buy these items.

  • 4 bottles and respective teats
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • 1 tweezers to handle the teats.
  • 1 bottle sterilizer.
  • 2 dummies.


  • 1 box of sterile compresses.
  • 1 packet of saline solution.
  • 1 pack of alcohol at 70º. (follow the directions of the doctors and nurses to clean the umbilical stump)
  • 1 hair gel / bath (preferred unscented products)
  • 1 soft hair brush.
  • 1 thermometer for bath.
  • 1 thermometer.
  • 1 round tip scissors.
  • 1 ointment for diaper rash.
  • 1 box of baby swabs.
  • 4-6 diaper packs for newborn.

Note: Do not make a large stock of diapers because your baby may allergy to a particular brand.

Good shopping.