What Shoes for Cycling

Rich sneakers for cycling?

For cycling the right footwear is extremely important. Who only occasionally moves by bicycle, for which it is perfectly adequate, if he procures up sneakers or use existing ones. But when it comes more towards cycling , that’s right footwear enormously important . In addition to conventional bicycle shoes there is also the click of shoes that will be discussed separately.

What shoes needs which cyclists?

For each sport the matching sport shoes are offered and so of course the most different bike shoes. The choices are among other race shoes or mountain bike shoes and many other variants. Those who are not properly informed before buying, prices and qualities not comparing who has often made ​​a bad buy. Corresponding test reports go to the different bike shoes and illuminate their properties. Each shoe also has to meet a certain requirement. When buying shoes, therefore, has to be weighed by iTypeauto:

  • For what kind Cycling footwear are looking for?
  • Suitable to the favored model for the individually required power transmission?
  • Are Klickpedal Shoes useful (eg correction of foot position)?
  • If run with the cyclist shoes and on the trail?


Shoes for mountain biking

In particular, the shoes for mountain bikers are usually acombination of bicycle shoe and hiking boots, because often rough terrain lies ahead and thus often a bit of a walk to be completed. It is therefore important that the feet are well protected while running and twisting can be prevented can. Good profiling is about mountain biking is also necessary. This mountain bike shoes have a relatively high shaft. The tongue is provided with an elastic insert and the sole is very stiff held. Thus, an optimal power transfer done. The shoe sole also has a very high profile, which ensures more stability and security.

Marathon and Road Shoes

Each shoe, whether race shoes, sneakers or general cycling shoes are suitable for cycling. What shoes will be in the end, decides the driver and he makes this decision determined by the frequency of driving and on his bike type. Pronounced race shoes is just not lend not on a mountain bike and normal street shoes for racing cyclists. Marathon riders example depend on shoes, as is very light and yet an enormous transfer of forces allow. In the comfort should likewise not be waived. No one wants to have bruises or unpleasant frictions in his shoe. The more intense is driven, the higher the quality the shoe models should be chosen for cycling.

Always choose the right shoe model

When selecting cycling shoes is important primarily to the sport itself. Road Shoes have a very low running comfort because it exclusively for power transmission by means of the pedals are designed. Mountain Bike Shoes, however, have a very high wearing comfort. You can also wear as walking shoes. Sneakers have typically a very soft sole. They are not suitable for long bike rides, because the power conversion appears increasingly exhausting over time. It must finally be pushed down in order for the soft shoe sole with the entire foot to transfer the body force on the pedals .Inexperienced drivers can here afloat stay out of breath. Feet and legs could cramp quickly. The own condition and the combination with the appropriate bike shoes brings the best results to the fore.

Good bike shoes need not be expensive

The right shoes for cycling need not cost a lot of money, but the emphasis should always be placed on the quality. Brand shoes appear best and these are usually around 100 euros and delight with a very good shelf life. Top border is highly variable when it comes to deciding what shoes are right for a cyclist.