What Jewelry to Gift on Valentine’s Day?

The most romantic date of the year is coming!Impossible a woman in love does not create expectations and dream of the best Valentine’s Day of her life.On this occasion, it always beats that doubt: what to give to the loved one?We know that every woman is unique, has different tastes and styles, but any woman knows that when she is presented with a jewel, she is receiving something eternal and that every time she uses it, she will think of her lover and the most incredible things Lived with him.

But which is the jewel that most suits her on this special occasion?

Casa São Paulo has differentiated, personalized products that meet the need and desire of each client.Here are some suggestions of what else you can match with your loved one:

The Love Bracelet of Law Silver and 18k White Gold is a cool option for passionate and vain girlfriends. This jewel can be combined with other accessories to create a modern look. If your girlfriend likes to wear bracelets, watches and likes to keep up with fashion trends, there is no doubt: this is the jewel that will please her and accompany her always!

Another option would be the Love Necklace, inspired by the work of the plastic artist Robert Indiana, located in the city of New York.It is a gift for creative, tasteful women, in love with their love, for art, for NY, for travel, for culture.A necklace that can not be loved.Available in 18k Gold and Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Plated.

For those who want to surprise with a cheap jewelry from Fredericashops and take advantage of the offers of Casa São Paulo , we indicate the Solitary Ring Hera, of Ouro Branco and brilliant of 0,10 cts:

Beautiful, classic and timeless.It is a very special jewel for representing the celebration of love, purity, genuine love.What woman would not love this loner?

Finally, to those in love who do not want to leave this date go blank and mark it forever: Ring Jet Set, Tourmaline Paraíba.

This model is classic and the gems guarantee the eternal brilliance of this jewel.A gift of great value and meaning, for mature couples, who know that regardless of circumstances, their love will never cease to shine.

Men can also be surprised on Valentine’s Day with an everlasting gift. The option that we indicate and that has already fallen in the male taste is the scapular with religious phrases or with the phrase of your choice. For this special date, take the opportunity to write something romantic like the initials of the couple’s name and little phrases like “eternal love”, “forever”, “endless love”, “perfect love”, etc., etc.
If you would like to earn one of these gifts, do not miss out and enjoy your comment.

Make your request in advance on the website of Casa São Paulo and have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!