What is the Ideal Sports Bra?

A sport bra must be not particularly stylish or sexy. He must not like also like these. Its sole function is to provide maximum support to your breasts during the sports. Because the constant up and down movement is strapazierend for the skin, and the delicate breast tissue. Because there are no muscles in the breast itself, he makes with every movement, resulting in tension and strain loads. In the long term, this fosters the development of a sports bra, also can cause chest pain. More so, they offer optimal support your breast with a sports bra. For this section, material and fit are critical.

The right section of the Sports Bras

The section is responsible for wearing comfort and optimal fit. Basically there are three sports bras according to JaneSportsBras:

  • Sports Bra
  • Sports top
  • Singlet with integrated Bustier

The singlet has a built-in Bustier and preformed cups, providing the necessary support of the Gulf. The sports-top is usually a wrestler cutting and not regulate the distance. It must fit closely from the outset, to give stability to the breasts, what you can perceive but quickly as constraining.

The sports bra has a normal bra molded cups and hooks in the back to adjust the width of the lower breast band. This has several advantages: the breasts are in the cups separately fixed, what ensures optimal grip. Depending on the intensity of movement, you can also regulate the distance so that the bra offers always the just necessary support.

The material

If you buy a sports bra, pay attention to functional fibers, which dry quickly such as blends of nylon, polyester, polyamide and elastane. Between the breasts as much air on the skin should come into, because here a sweating zone is located. Mesh insets, which ensure that the welding not directly on the skin remains, but can escape to the outside are perfect for this area. You should avoid on applications or lace inserts, as are usual in everyday laundry. Because they can rub and cause skin irritation.

Determine the right size

The sports bra to fulfil its function, it must match exactly. Measure your breasts, that helps you to find the right size so be sure before buying. So do this:

  • Measure the circumference of the rib cage directly under your breasts to determine the cup size (E.g. 75 cm).
  • Because the bra sizes in increments of 5, you round up or down, if you are between two sizes. The size of you closer is right.
  • Sports top
  • You must first have the total bust Cup size. This horizontal measure over the fullest part of your breasts, usually it is the nipple. On the back, run the tape over the shoulder blades.

Singlet with integrated Bustier

  • Find the difference between the total extent of the breast and the chest circumference now. The cup sizes vary by two centimeters. The smallest Cup size is A for differences between 12 and 14 centimeters.

Despite everything, the individual feel is critical at the end. Each breast is different and every sports bra is slightly different. Try best several models in different sizes.