What is The Best to Eat After Exercise

People who are fanatical sports knows how important diet is in terms of muscle growth, muscle strength, endurance and burn fat. It is therefore good to know what exactly post exercise should take, and not-as many believe-proteins. Immediately after exercise, take the simple carbs.

Main source of energy for the body: glucose

Your body gets energy from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are of different types, single, double, and complex carbohydrates. Thus the composition of carbohydrate determines the type of carbohydrate, it is there and they are classified. By anaerobic digestion is any digestible carbohydrate types are broken down into glucose, which is included in this form through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. Why is glucose also called blood sugar. Because simple carbohydrates are broken down faster than carbs are carbs also divided into fast and slow carbs. The simple carbs are thus more quickly absorbed into the blood. Dietary fiber is not digested and not therefore does not break down to glucose.
When it comes to diet, it is best to take as many multiple IE complex carbohydrates. But after training, it is better to make simple carbs.

What makes the body with glucose in the body

When there is glucose in the blood, make the hormone insulin to the blood sugar level it is balanced.Glucose is affected by insulin is transported to the body’s cells where it can be burned so that the energy is. In addition, insulin helps ensure that glucose can be stored in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles as a reserve energy source. When there is extra energy is required not to pick up directly via the food from the blood, such as sleep or extra heavy exercise, body express glycogen stores.

Glycogen, muscle and education. How exactly?

During training, there is a lot of energy. The amount of glycogen in the liver is then used to keep blood sugar levels, and glycogen is used as a direct energy in the muscles. After about three minutes of intense exercise, these reserves, and enters the body over to the burning of fats and proteins.There is also talk about reduction of force: the burning of fat and protein slows will so less energy.Often also goes faster and some people sweat more quickly becomes hungry. To prevent your body from entering the beginning of muscle protein is important to immediately after exercise, your body quick energy. Muscles can again just do the proteins when sugar is filled. It is also contributes to muscle growth. And there is another benefit to using simple carbs immediately after exercise: it inhibits the increase in cortisol levels. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone which has a negative effect on the body in multiple areas. When it comes to strength hormone breaks down muscles, which is inhibited by taking simple carbs after your workout. All of these benefits depends on the fast carbohydrates cause an insulin spike. It also completed the glycogen storage.

What are the best fast carbs after your workout

Now you might think that you can have a delicious sweet snack after training, but it is not entirely true. Because there is a difference in the simple carbs in terms of speed and efficiency. The following simple carbs you can use it best:

  • Dextrose or glucose.
  • some oligosaccharides, such as maltodextrin seems to have a strong insulinhöjande effect. But not all oligosaccharides have an effect.
  • Starch. Again, not all forms of starch that is used as a quick carbohydrate. Useful are white bread, potatoes and white rice.
  • Most recommended: corn starch, corn or Wazy. This is very effective and is best known as Vitargo.

What are carbs right after training:

  • Fructose. This protein is particularly common in fruits. Because it must first be converted to glucose is too slow for the purposes described in this article does not have the intended effect on insulin levels.
  • Sucrose has no greater effect than fructose, but the effect is not optimal. Sucrose is a carbohydrate that is composed of glucose and fructose.

Protein after exercise can be completed with the help of a wheyshake or of the proteins in the subsequent meal.