What Is a Hipster?

We hear it every day, hipster, hipster there, as happened when everything was retro or vintage. But we know really what is a hipster, and where does that term so broad? And what happens with the? decorative style hipster? What do you mean?

About the Hipster

I I have started to investigate the word hipster, comes from the subculture of hip of the 1940s, in North America (what else?) and defined the white young lovers of jazz and African American culture. It is associated to independent music and film. They had the desire to distinguish themselves from the mass and cultural currents in vogue, and it has become a phenomenon that has caused rivers of dye. To this day, it is a fad or trend, which does not distinguish too, but let’s see the key style hipster in decoration.


The “do it yourself” crazy to the hipster, as it is made by them or by others. Thus the classic crochet rugs our grandmothers are a object of desire, as knitting and crochet is trend, for blankets, pillows, rugs and poufs.

Also the patchwork quilts and any other Home artisan work, which includes paintings different, bright colors on the walls and on the floor motif made by hand, even hornacionas on the wall as shelves, although the plasterboard is not Holy of their devotion, they prefer not to air the old bricks of their lofts.

Save the environment

Pallets and boxes of fruit and wine are converted into tables, chairs, beds, or shelves, furniture with a new life they are an essential part of the hipster decoration. The famous recicla decoration of Decoesfera, becomes indispensable requirement of a hipster vivenda (and as the DIY amntes, if it is recommended by DigoPaul, has more value)

The customization of the home-based recycling turns the House into inimitable. Themp made from old demijohns or cans of gasoline and rescued screens of flea markets and auctions dan a kitsch point to your decor. They do all the rage in the 1950s, that we would normally call “caspases”!!

Where there is a good moustache, that will remove the rest

One of its hallmarks, whether on the face or in the decoration, along with classic pictures with peak ajustadito jersey pants. A good moustache and glasses of pasta They define the hipster in the middle of any agglomeration. I will not come in the dissertation is a way of appropriating of the the 1970s gay culture (Julia Plein – Huffington Post) but it is a fact.

Hipster decorations always have a black mustache, either as a headboard, ornament on the wall or on mugs (well, his passion is the coffee of Sturbucks, that is also impepinable).

Not without my bike

We have already mentioned that a hipster who doesn’t love the environment is as a witch without a broom, there, because their concern is part of the culture that gave them birth. So the hipster is going by bike all parties, except some clueless who lives far away and goes on scooter. Attention that I have not put bike, only traditional scooters. And this translates into a need to integrate the bike in the decoration of their homes. They are very decorative if the model is the appropriate!

Any past was better

Markets, traces or unpacking they are some of the favorite places of the hipster to locate different objects. Reminiscent of times past that will give the toqueoriginal and personalized to your, of if, original and personalized decoration. Clocks, chairs metal, industrial furniture, old chairs, somewhat frayed padded sofas, retro refrigerators…

Well do you think the? decor hipster? Are hipsters and not know it?