What Heel Height is Right for Me

Admittedly, 10 cm high heels can wear not every woman. But who can do it, reaps most envious eyes. It is also no problem, if you are not much of a High-heel type. Also with other paragraphs, you can have a grand entrance. What height to you and which fit occasion, you learn in our sales-ABC.


The King’s discipline under paragraphs: The stiletto heel or even Stilettos requires a little skill in terms of sales. They are usually between eight and ten centimeters high and thin. The name penny sales is that the bottom of the paragraph is only the size of a penny. You can wear this kind of paragraphs especially to send events. However, high Pfenning sales do well with boyfriend jeans.

Comfortable and casual: The Cuban heel is similar, such as block sales, but slightly wider and lower. On him, you can comfortably walk all day. There is no danger to bend. Most of the time you will find sales on boots, the Festival or the Office own. You can wear the Cuban heel actually everywhere. But not quite as good fits for festive occasions.

Tall and still cool: The chunky heel is an all-rounder, as whicheverhealth says. He works in any combination: chic dress or jeans of scraps of. And the chunky heel is convenient, although he is high. He also forgive it if it is not quite so sure on high heels. You can wear the chunky heel for any occasion. You should rely on especially festive occasions but rather on a stiletto heel.

Stylish and comfortable: Especially in recent years, continuous sales is back in fashion. This summer he has seen much on sandals and positioned. Continuous sales is perfect for city breaks, long shopping trip or to dance the night away.

Flat, but powerful: The MIDI heels are no higher than five metres of Zenit and especially hot this fall. It is also in the form of a MIDI block paragraph. MIDI sales is perfect if you want to wear a chic shoe, but are not so skilled, to run in stiletto heels. A long day at the Office or a fancy dinner are perfect occasions to run MIDI sales.