What Foods Are Dangerous for Baby in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman should have a balanced and healthy diet that allows her to provide her body and the baby’s growing and developing body with all the necessary nutrients.

What Foods Are Dangerous for Baby in Pregnancy

Although pregnancy is not a disease, and can have a varied food without major restrictions, there are however some foods that the pregnant woman should avoid, because they have substances that can harm the baby.

Dangerous Foods for Baby in Pregnancy

There are certain foods that, due to their composition or through their poorly prepared confection, can have harmful effects on the baby’s health.

Substances such as salmonella, mercury, listeria or toxoplasmosis, among others, found in various foods, are quite harmful.

Here’s what foods are dangerous for your baby in pregnancy.

Raw Eggs Raw
eggs can carry salmonella, which in turn can lead to food poisoning. For this reason, whether during pregnancy or at any other time, you should not eat raw eggs. There are cases where the ingestion of raw eggs, such as Ceasar salad, mayonnaise or eggnog, can lead to premature labor.

Poorly cooked
meat Meat can carry various microorganisms such as toxoplasmosis, E. coli or salmonella, among other bacteria. As such, if the meat is poorly cooked, these microorganisms are not destroyed, thus creating problems for the development of the baby. There are cases until they led to preterm labor or abortion. For this reason, poorly cooked meats, sushi, raw clams, or pates should be avoided during gestation.

Alcohol is a substance that can have a very harmful effect on your baby, making it difficult to develop and damaging your health. Ingestion of alcoholic beverages should thus be completely avoided during pregnancy. If excessive intake can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, even a glass of wine at mealtime may prove to be harmful.

Fish with mercury
Fish is an excellent source of lean protein and fatty acids, healthy fats, essential for human health. However, some fish have very high levels of methylmercury, a substance that in excess, can cause great problems in the neurological development of the baby. You should therefore avoid the following fish during pregnancy: shark, cation, swordfish, marlin and grouper.

Non-Pasteurized Dairy Products
Most dairy goes through a cleansing process, which removes all micro-organisms that are harmful to human health. This process is called pasteurization. As such, all unpasteurized dairy products may thus contain microorganisms, which for once may harm the baby. You should therefore avoid these foods. Examples include unpasteurized milk, white cheese or light cheeses.