What Bra Suits You

There are various types of bra, that forms the breast differently. Natural tits, sexy neckline … Which type of bra is made ​​for small breasts? Which type of bra is designed for generous breasts? We provide learning our tricks on how your beautify neckline.

The classic Bra Strap

The bra is a classic bra model fit with a classic fit. It is enough coverage and provides good support.
Advantage: Cutting covers support bra allows classic wrap the breasts and maintain chest held high, without harming them. It is ideal for generous breasts

Bra underwires cart

Bra Push Bin is a model posing chest effect “Maximizer”. It plumps and enhances breasts, round breasts and planned well.
Advantage: bra is a rounded breast and plump for a sexy neckline and open.

Bra Strap

The bra is a model frames that provides a semi-fitting cap said. In fact, it looks like a bra trash. It allows low neckline on a bra strap classic.
Advantage: Balcony bra properly holds the breast and allows attractive segment. This model is suitable for generous breasts (cup E / F) only moderately large breasts (cup A, B, C, D) /

The push-up bra

And crashes with thick foam (molded push-up) or with removable pads, press bra breasts detail by the projection in the center.
Advantage: Push up closer and bigger breasts. Small breasts are generous and big breasts to acquire a very elegantly curved neck for a seducer.

The strapless bra

Strapless, these lingerie model provides excellent support for small and medium sized breasts.
Advantage: strapless bra respects the natural shape of the breast and is discreet.

Support Wire-Free Bra

It is a simple model of the triangular shape. It is recommended for pregnant women. Usually in sizes S (= 85B) / M (= 90B) / L (= 95B).
Benefits: Easy and Discreet of BH is without wires especially with small breasts is because it gives them a natural harbor.

Bra without foam

This bra is a foam model without the cap is smooth, without sewing. In general we can say that this type of bra overrides the nipple.
Advantage: molded bra without foam offers a nice curve for an effect of natural breast. He holds the breast, invisible under clothing near the body and curve slightly by a very round breast.