Westwing Garden Lighting Guide

To highlight your plants, trees and flowers preferred and cared for with so much affection is ideal to highlight the outside area of ​​the house and to make this one of the most welcoming places of the home, so our main tip is: invest without fear in garden lighting. In some cases this type of lighting can be only decorative and in other cases extremely functional, even for one to walk in it at night.

Torches, spots embedded in the floor, floor lamps, candles, among other items, are commonly the most found in the branch of garden lighting. Before starting to work in this area of ​​the home it is important to know which plants will receive the most highlight and which type of lighting best suits the space and even your project. Follow Westwing’s tips, hints and inspirations and transform your home decor!

Garden Lighting: Types Of Lamps

In order for the garden lighting to be extremely beautiful and functional for the area and the home, we need all the pieces to be of the highest quality, so let’s start with one of the main items for this decoration: the lamps.

There are two types of lamps that can be used for garden lighting , usually they are known as hot white lamps and cold white lamps . The ones known as hot lamps are those that have a stronger color temperature, usually those that pull the tone of the environment to a yellowish, since the cold lamps are those that have a lighter, whiter shade for the garden lighting.

When choosing the lamps that will be used in garden lighting, great care should be taken to see if they give heat to the plants, if so, it is recommended to keep them away from their flowers, plants and trees, thus avoiding the dryness of the themselves. The ideal is to use LED bulbs because they do not heat up and are still economical.

Lights For Garden Lighting

For a good choice of garden lighting items, one should keep in mind which pieces and flowers will be highlighted in the middle of the room or whether the lighting will be made to enhance the ambience completely.

Aiming at the highlight of flowers, trees and plants the ideal items for garden lighting are: spot spots or smaller fixtures that can also be attached to the lawn or floor. These pieces allow the garden lighting to be directed to the place or item that deserves more evidence in the midst of the decoration.

If there are stairs in your garden or in another outside area of ​​the house, the floor spots can still be used to ensure greater safety in the place, when coupled directly on the steps or in strategic places with lightdirected towards the illumination of the same.

How To Make A Complete Garden Lighting

If garden lighting is intended for complete lighting of the environment, we can opt for pieces that are stuck directly on the walls of the place or in some cases even in the trees and larger plants. Be careful not to damage and injure plants with hot and strong lights.

The washers are ideal for garden lighting, when the focus is to leave the entire environment illuminated.Because they are fastened directly to the wall, they can offer a stronger and better distributed type of lighting.

Lanterns are incredible pieces that can be used both to aid in the daily illumination of the environment and in the decoration of outdoor parties. Some models of lanterns are made of sturdy materials, but not so heavy and, thanks to this, can be easily arranged even in the branches of the trees of the garden itself. It gets a charm even for outdoor wedding parties with a delicate garden lighting!

Floor lamps or a garden pole are also great pieces when the main purpose of garden lighting is to make the whole environment clear. The parts can be easily arranged in the middle of the lawn, because they are usually made of materials of excellent quality and resistant to exposure to sun and rain.

Garden Decoration And Lighting

The garden lighting is also within what should compose your outdoor area decor. You can put torches with fire for a garden lighting at special events such as weddings, birthdays or even a themed party. Enjoy to distribute small cages with candles inside to create a garden lighting in a delicate and very charming way!

How To Make Garden Lighting Post With PVC

You can even create a garden lighting with a PVC pipe! Besides being safer, it is economical and stays a charm in any type of decoration. Learn how to do it!

You will need:

Ring of 7,6cm

1cm x 2.5cm Add an Essential Accessory!

PVC tube of 5.1cm cut to the height you want for garden lighting

Sunlight Garden Landscaping

Step by step garden lighting:

  1. Attach the reducer to the sealing ring, which will serve as the base of your garden lighting pole. The parts should slide in place. To ensure they are safer, secure them with a silicone sealant or epoxy mass;
  2. Attach a PVC tube of 5.1cm to the reducer. It should slide into the gear unit. Fix both parts with epoxy or sealant, then place the post for garden lighting vertically;
  3. On top of the garden lighting pole, attach the garden landscaping light by sliding the stake of light into the tube;
  4. Use sandpaper to leave the plastic surface of the garden lighting pole rougher in preparation for painting;
  5. Paint the PVC pipe to make it look like a metal garden lighting pole, colorful or whatever you like!

The lighting of garden and outside areas is generally ideal to give more prominence to your home, after all the outside of the house is seen not only by you but by your neighbors and even those who pass the sidewalk. Follow Westwing’s tips, inspirations and suggestions and transform your home décor!

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It’s time to turn the garden of your home into a more charming environment! To do this, follow the tips we have from Westwing brought to you. They are amazing inspirations to help create the best garden lighting with elegance, personality and, above all, practicality. Check out our campaigns with furniture, decorations, and even garden lighting tips with exclusive discounts of up to 70% and create a sophisticated and practical design!

They are inspirations and ideas for you to create the lighting on the floor you want, adding yet more charm to the décor of your garden. Discover a new way to decorate the environments for the day to day or for dates and celebratory events in an authentic way! Westwing’s tips are prepared with great affection and dedication to decorate your garden with floor spots and with thousands of innovative products that you know here daily. Enjoy!