Wedding Rings of Gold

Wedding rings of gold are the classic of the wedding rings. There is a large selection of different variants. In this guide, we will discuss the possibilities for gold wedding rings. Because the selection of jewelry jewelery is huge.

Wedding Rings Of Gold: What Kind Of Gold Alloy Do We Like?

Since gold must always be used as an alloy, you have the choice between yellow gold, red gold and white gold. Yellow gold wedding rings were considered the longest time as the only option to be used in wedding dresses. This is not the case for a long time. Meanwhile wedding rings of white gold have become the new classics. But also red gold is becoming more and more popular, which is probably due to the fact that wedding couples like to go back to unusual designs at wedding rings. Here at you can get more different models and styles. The symbol of marriage is ultimately to be individual. For gold alloys you always have the choice between 333, 585 and 750 gold. The number indicates the proportion of pure gold in the alloy. This also explains the high price of 750 gold. For very narrow wedding rings we recommend rings of at least 585 gold. With very wide rings, 333 gold is also in order. In any case, we pay attention to high quality when choosing our gold.

Wedding Rings Of Gold Are Of Course Also Multi-Colored

In the last few years, the two-color clasps of the sales camps were. They were new and special. The symbolism is clear: two partners always want to belong together. The design of the wedding rings could become more and more unusual due to the two-color. With two gold alloys you can do a lot more if you want to be creative. In addition, you can hardly find a ladies ring without jewelry. As a rule, diamonds are wrapped in the bridal ring. This makes the possibilities of ring designs even more versatile. For jewelery jewelery you will find two-color wedding rings in yellow-white and red-white. It is important that your wedding rings are perfect. Only so will you have eternal joy and happiness with it.