Wedding Reception-Traditional Custom

The wedding reception has a very long tradition, especially in the German area.Not to be confused is the bridal shower with the bachelor party , the bride and groom celebrate separately. Whether a couple arranges this evening is an individual decision. However, it can be a lot of fun and is a good opportunity to celebrate once more.

Guests At The Wedding Reception

Traditionally, the wedding reception takes place at home with the bride or their parents. Since many couples have already lived together long before the exchange of the wedding rings , the party is usually arranged simply at home or in the garden. The bride and groom announce the date. Come, whoever wants.There is no official invitation. Thus, many acquaintances who are not invited to the wedding have the opportunity to celebrate with the bride and groom together. It is a pleasure to meet colleagues, club members or neighbors. Of course, good friends and family members are also welcome.

Earthenware And Porcelain On The Wedding Anniversary

The tradition means that guests bring along brought with them earthenware, porcelain, flower pots or the like and throw them at the front door of the bride and groom. The shards must be returned by the bride and groom. This is to bringhappiness for the marriage. Glasses and mirrors are prohibited. Since this evening can sometimes be very noisy, neighbors should be best invited. In northern Germany there is the tradition that the trousers of the bridegroom are burned at 0 o’clock. Sometimes the bride’s shoes are also nailed to a tree. This ends the official part of the party. Can be celebrated of course anyway.

Date For The Wedding Reception

Previously, the wedding reception took place on the eve of the wedding ceremony, explained by Nowadays most couples avoid this because they want to sleep on their wedding day. Often has to get up early. Bridesmaid dress and wedding dress will lend its time. It is also often necessary to deal with trifles, such as collusion with the mourners or the judging of the wedding rings on a ring cushion. This is why bridal couples organize this traditional celebration many weeks before the wedding.