Wedding Nail Art Ideas

Wedding Nail art, refined and elegant ideas for a manicure maintained and very chic. It only takes a few steps to make your nails a little work of art, to wear on her wedding day.

The manicure for your wedding should be chosen with care, based on the style of dress and personal taste. A bride who wants to look elegant and cared for, will have to pay attention to his wedding nail art, to prevent hands clash with the rest of make up. If you want to use the nail art DIY, it is good not to exaggerate with expectations: If the original idea is not too complicated, the success will be more secure. The french manicure is always suitable, what makes it special are the details that you want to add.

Glitter, small and discreet, they’re perfect to bring out a normal french and are easy to apply, even without the help of a beautician; the same french manicure can take significantly different when you use the enamel light pink instead of white, or pink on the nail and white at the tip. Even the nail art degrade, in pastel tones, is perfect for a wedding manicure elegant and simple. If you opt for reconstruction, an expert on manicures will certainly create the effect chich you wish.

Beautiful abstract patterns with the white enamel on clear base, but also flowers, rose, Lily rendered perfectly on the nail. The glittery enamel, lying only on a fingernail or part of them, will give lots of light in your hands, while a small amount of enamel gold or silver will look more glamorous and worldly. Do not underestimate the appearance of hands and the shape of the nail: an elegant nail art starts from soft hands and by excessively long nails.