Wedding Invitations Texts

To formulate the wedding invitation is quite difficult. Which text should be written on the wedding invitation or what should be left out?

How do you formulate it best that you as wedding gifts simply money gifts would like, without the guests feel themselves on the clothes? Or how do I mention the online wedding table?There are a few tips and tricks for the wedding invitation text that we have compiled here for you.

Main text of the wedding invitation:
The data

In all the hustle and bustle you have to worry about the text of the wedding invitation described on Inkomtrends. When you think about how to write one or the other, you will often forget a few important facts.If you notice this only when the wedding invitation is printed, then this is certainly very annoying.Therefore, make sure that the following information will appear in the wedding invitation:

  • Names of the bride and groom
  • Date and time of the wedding
  • Name and address of the church, possibly with a sketch of the route
  • Name and address of the wedding location, possibly with directions
  • Date, until the date of the commitment (do not forget the e-mail or telephone number)
  • Contact details of the ceremonial master (for program points)
  • Possibly reference to the online wedding table or the wedding home page
  • Possibly reference to the dresscode

The text about wedding gifts and money

In any case, your wedding invitation will include a comment on what you want from your guests to the wedding. If you have set up a gift table, you should also write it in the invitation. If you already have everything and wedding gift gifts are the gift of choice, then you should also expressly write on the invitation cards.

Most wedding couples feel uncomfortable writing such a text into the wedding invitation.However, if you have married yourself or have already been to a wedding, you will certainly understand that.The following wedding invitation text has already proved to be helpful at many weddings and is generally also well received:

“Since we already have a complete household, we would be most happy about money gifts.”

If your wedding guests have a bigger journey, this text is also available on the topic of money gifts:

“Since you can only carry a few luggage, we would like to free you from the burden of great gifts. A envelope is enough.”

You can, of course, write something more funny and humorous than text.Keep in mind, however, that such humor is not always understood by everyone.It is therefore advisable to leave the wedding invitation text at least half neutral.

A rhyme is here a nice middle way:

“Dear guests are so nice,
Our household is complete.
If you would like to please us,
Let our sparrows laugh.”

“Good mood, please bring her, then the feast will be a huge hit.
May you then still think, ‘What shall we give to the two?’
So it’s not too difficult for you, put us a few euros into the envelope.”

What else is the wedding invitation?

As you make your wedding invitation, it is of course up to you, a wedding or a nice quote but always well.Above all, the wide selection of sayings and quotations for the wedding allow you to tailor the wedding invitation text to your individual needs.Surely there is a quote about the wedding, which expresses exactly what you would like to say.Perhaps you know your trauma?Then you could also have this printed in the invitation.

Very convenient for your guests is also a wedding ABC, in which you explain the most important details about the wedding.

Text samples for your wedding invitation to download

All the content listed here for your wedding invitation and many other examples we have compiled in a three-page PDF for you – simply print out or rauskopieren desired passages!

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