Wedding Dresses Short (for Invited and Brides)

When you receive a wedding invitation, the women just think of buying or renting those long and beautiful party dresses. They actually have a charm and a very special glamor, but the shorter models are also already quite common on these occasions. If you fit in the group of women who like to innovate and also run certain models of dresses for party, learn important tips here to build your perfect look for any wedding.

Little Black Dress Always Basic for Marriage

Since Chanel had the bright idea of launching this trend, the fashion for various occasions was facilitated. A black dress, cocktail dress or not, combined with virtually every kind of party and you can even play more with other details of her look like makeup, shoe color and accessories. Bet without fear that the shortest little black dress for the wedding party you were invited and bump in production.

Income Wedding Dresses

The income never goes out of fashion, but you need to know and choose their look to not end up too exaggerated. In the market you will find many pieces with a tissue that mimics the income, which is popularly called “poor income.” This fabric can even be somewhat similar to the true, but in most cases shows the construction of its lower stroke. So avoid making ugly in the wedding party and prefer to pay a little more for true lace, but only beautiful.

In some cases, poor income can be used by because it does not affect your look.

The exception to this rule is only in cases where the fabric is used only as a detail of her dress and not him completely. Another detail that you need to pay attention is on the hype. Even buying a piece of quality of income, your clothes must pass the appearance of delicacy, it is the visual message that income always passes. Avoid hype too bright and flashy accessories beyond measure.

Off White can Yes!

The first rule you learn about wedding fashion is never wear white. Let this color for the bride because she did should be the center of attention on this day. Despite the white be completely banned, the off white is free for those who feel more comfortable in these shades. Call Off  White that white more “Sujinho” in tone more nude than the traditional white. They approach a little gray or cream and in this case, you can use the will in most short dresses wedding.

Glare and Sequins for Wedding Dress

For wedding, they do not mix well, but as we are talking about more cropped models, you are completely released. Brightness refers to glamor, wealth and the ceremony is more elaborate and refined, you can dare without fear in these models. The models of wedding dresses with sequins and sparkles, should be used preferentially in evening parties and you should moderate the use of larger accessories, giving preference to totally discreet.

More Dresses Tips for Wedding

  • Not Totally Black: above quoted the basic little black as a sure bet for more short dresses wedding. For those women who do not like black or marriages that are made in warmer weather (heat does not suit black is not?), You can change the hue to a navy blue, a darker green, lead, wine and colors more closed. In this case you should pay attention only to the fabric, as the choice of the wrong cloth or has too bright can leave your appearance a little fancier.
  • Nothing Too Short: when we talk about short dresses for wedding, does not imply that you go with the more low cut model you have in the closet. Use moderation is very important on these occasions to sin no exaggeration. The ideal length is at the knee or a foot above it. Avoid mini dresses, especially if the model is more glued to your body.
  • Beware of Prints: although not as common, the wedding short dresses can also be printed, provided they are discreet. A rule you should follow is to always avoid excess colorful, not only to avoid too much attention but also because it is an occasion that calls for greater romanticism, so very vivid colors, more colors “arc Iris” do not mix well. If you like prints, prefer the larger, more discrete and especially those with darker background to give a greater discretion to your clothing. Your pattern must have at most three colors and are complementary.

Short Dresses for Brides

Although uncommon, some brides choose to wear a short dress in the most important days in the life of a woman.