“We Must Filter Them Until They Leave”: Tim Cook Is Pronounced on The False News

“You’re fake news!” This sentence sounds like you, right? The uproar that Donald Trump is marking with the false news, which we already have been trying to, is enormous. And with both sides politically marked a common objective appears: there is that stopping the proliferation of false news the Web posting who publish them.

Facebook is in the spotlight, since nearly half of Americans use social network for more information. Already gestures are made to curb the trend, the technology leaders are committing to help… and now it has been the same Tim Cook which has ruled on the matter.

“In some ways it is killing the minds of the people”

EXCLUSIVE: With fake news hitting the headlines, how does Apple boss @Tim_Cook think the issue should be dealt with? our site/kqF9scLzYh

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) February 10, 2017

A video tweeted by Good Morning Britain, Apple’s CEO stated the following:

We need to provide consumers with tools to help with this. It is necessary to filter part of it until you exit unless that means losing the opening of internet.

Cook also commented on the subject in the Telegraph, calling it a “big global problem”:

We are in an era in which some of those who earn unfortunately are those who invest time in getting the largest number of clicks instead of telling the truth. In some ways it is killing the minds of the people. […] It has to be implemented in schools and must be applied in the public. It must be installed a massive campaign. We must think in all demographic sectors. We need a modern version of public service campaigns. If there is willingness can be quickly.

Can Apple out to do something about it?

Spanish and Latin American users do not have it, but Apple It has a proper application to distribute news call Apple News. It works only in the United Kingdom and the United States, but only in those two countries already has 70 million unique users. For those who live in other countries, we have a selection of which are in an official Twitter account.

Knowing this, the Cupertino company has it easy: can the same experts dedicated to selecting the news discard everything that smacks of false in the same way (reverse) with our colleagues from Engadget to point out falsehoods in Fakes hunters section. What’s more, Apple could use that as a way of promoting apple News as a medium in which ensure that the news you read will not be false.

Check the news that come out in your services can go very well… or very wrong

But that can be a double-edged weapon. When it was learned that Google and Facebook would take measures to punish the fake news, Antonio Ortiz said it in this thread of Twitter: Finally and after are talking about technology companies controlling what comes out or what does not come out to the public. And that may emerge as well as evil. The key is to ensure not out anything false, but at the same time be completely impartial.