We Continue with the Cloning of Shoes

And continue with the cloning of shoes. As I know that you like, a few months ago we showed you a batch of shoes repes and now another. And again, one of our readers has been commissioned to send pics to show you.

It is clear that if we want to go dressed as large firms, we have to go to Zara or Mango which are the shops at home more and better mimics.

The first shoes are a model in black and pink patent leather. The design on the right is of Lanvin and cost 616 euros, while the design on the left is of Mango, very similar, except that is peep toe, and its price is much lower, 35 euros.

Luciano Padovan

That Yes, the handle are last season and can be purchased at www.mango outlet.com. A very remarkable diferncia and with the handle also gorgeous estarneis. Perfect to combine with jeans or dress, depending on the shades.


The Catalan company has also opted to mimic a few designs of Italian designer Luciano Padovan, in particular the model of patent leather Fuchsia color with heel open and tied to the ankle with buckle with Rhinestone incristaciones. Also in Fuchsia patent leather high heel and platform sole. Mango the traced with the exception of the buckle that is smooth.

In Mango You can find them on sale for € 25, in different colors and all of them very flashy and apropidos for the summer.

Another clone of the very dream because they are really strongly are the famous tribal Sandals of Zara faux Louis Vuitton, that tas celebrities have worn this season. At Zara, its original price is 80 euro, but now with the sales been at 50 euros. That Yes, you have to have luck to find them.