Ways Not to Wear Leggings

Yes, they are a necessary evil. If you are in a period of “fattening”, have them to use (sad, but true), and sweaters and other loose clothing are also very well with maxi. But until you fall into the networks of a friend who upload your photo to Twitter because they are a little tight, or reinvent yourself a combination worthy of Niurka, read the following.


Yes, apparently there are people who believe that this defect in the skin is an accessory, the leggings have supernatural powers and are not a garment of ULTRA thin fabric that will see every inch of cellulite. What do? Do not use them as pants or at least use something to cover your rear. It is not nice to see bounce off the legs of someone else which gelatin. Or worse, see the thong out from everything that moves without control. EW.

They are a garment for a comfortable, casual look, but no abuse (someone who uses them almost daily tells them is).


It is simply wrong because it makes them see shorter leg. Wear leggings with sandals, sandals (if you have heel, worse), with heels with applications of plastic or stiletto heels, will make them seem singers of salsa or desperate to win a direct pass to the world of bad taste.


Yes, this combination exists and there are who dare to combine it with yellow “because they are in the same range” (where did that?). The major problem with this combination, also lies in the textures that get them. Suddenly the boots are something like Suede, the leggings are already full of balls of both use and bring over a satin blouse. FAIL.


Nothing more than to imagine the combination leggings-fisherman with a Brown blouse and wide belt, makes me want to disappear all fields of cotton in the world so to manufacture a pair of leggings over again. The point is that if you have more than 10 years, this type of leggings can no longer be seen well, will remove you a lot of stature. Prohibidisimos heel. That’s “in fashion there are no rules” is false.


The fabric is too thin as so we don’t see any underwear, will be noticed, yes or Yes. For example, “We can’t stop” Miley Cyrus.

Even if you bring something to cover your butt, it does not justify it. If you combine them with purple, yellow, green, red or orange, worse. This is not to bring back the Flans fashion.


If Britney Spears put such leggings with ugg boots when going for his Starbucks, it is not as to mark a trend, it is only because it is a fodonga and even if it comes out well dressed in his videos, does not detract from having grown up in Louisiana, in a dump where surely that was the way all dressed.

Chic is not, cold or even removed them, so buy a coat or boots that can be stepped on a puddle.

Also avoid the “generic Uggs” with sparkles, because they are not girly, are only winter reguetoneros.


Although you weigh 45 pounds, the leggings only look good when they have an article up to at least cover your butt. It is a law of life, nobody wants to see how mark you the calzon-tanga – boxer. It is not only that, nor do we want to see an unpleasant “camel toe”, which apparently many women overlook. Do not feel too much fabric between her legs?