Watch with Lunar Calendar

From the latest collection by Balm and Mercier: The “Clifton soldier” with white or dark blue dial.

The moon has always been a great mystery to mankind. That the ache has influence on the tides, has been proven, many people think but to know that he has a sleep, mind and body. It is convenient that one can check the lunar calendars on this luxury watches at a glance.

The “Galactic” timepiece by Parmigiani, Piaget & co., partly on this year’s S.I.H.H. presented inthe secret watch capital of Geneva were can exactly represent the phases of the Moon using a small iconic calendar. While the astronomical dial is not just for hobby Esoterics. If also not scientifically proven: many are convinced the man would be under the direct influence of the moon. Those who wake at night restless in her bed, believe in the relationship of the moon phase on your sleep. Others are sure that the celestial bodies can have a positive effect on the fertility of the woman. The next think to know that their inconsistency and mood swings are associated with a decreasing and the moon. But where does belief in the moon as a cosmic companion of life?

The Man in the Moon

There are the craters of the Moon, which occupy one side of the Moon and where millennia people believe to recognize a face. In addition, the Moon turns steadily: the other night he is big and bulging, in another only a narrow sickle, sometimes the light is as bright as liquid silver, then the Moon is lit again blood red, times in high arch over the landscape moves, then he’s in turn hardly over the rooftops of the city. The Moon seems impenetrable, and for many is something supernatural, powerful, divine. So is the celestial body in some Nations for a female goddess: the Egyptian bets, which appears in the guise of the nocturnal animal of the cat, called “Moon eye”. The Romans had Luna, the Greeks Selene, the Mayans as a mighty Moon Goddess IX Chel.

The Moon is Risen

Above all, the Germans have an intense relationship with the moon. In the age of romanticism was the silver bullet to the sky-important subject of painters like Caspar David Friedrich, and poets such as Joseph from Eichendorff or Matthias Claudius. Friedrich while eyeing the rising moon not only as a romantic backdrop, but as the resurrection of Christ. Also Claudius’ evening song is often with the Christian faith in connection.

In modern times, in the midst of the increasing Technologization, the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the development of the “multitasking man” looking particularly members of Western societies access to nature again, discover the desire to move in with her. Traditions and values, homeopathy, acupuncture and esoteric experiencing an upswing, while reinforce the phases of the Moon in the focus. The High Clocks follows this trend and lets the Moon shine again in the current collections. The above figures show five of the most beautiful examples of the current trend.