Washing Cleaning Machine

Set in the choice of your washing machine with these tips.

Want to invest in washing machine ideal for your home? We’ll help you choose the best for your needs. Follow.

Buy that washer that has just come out on the market may be the dream of many people. But it is important to consider the multitude of types and what each one does for you. Maybe that works for a home may not be a solution for another. Learn more now.

Tips for choosing your washing machine Ideal

1-Volume of Clothes

You need to keep in mind when buying the machine which your washing at a time that will meet the needs of your home.

If the family is great-and the clothes need to be washed very often – worth start search by equipment that provides a large volume of wash clothes.

There’s little son? The child may get dirty very easy, isn’t it? Is Earth, grass, juice, baby food, candy and more. How about ink and crayon? That’s that. The children’s clothing see the washing machine many times a week.

2-habits of the House

You usually put the clothes to be washed weekly. Daily? How many pieces tend to accumulate in the basket of clothes of your family?

You don’t want to overload your machine with more weight than she can work, in addition to your clothes may suffer with this about weight and wear easier.

3-machine Capacity


The washing machine with capacity of up to 6 kg can be a couple or single person needs.

Is cheaper because it is more compact, but know that your normally functioning is not as efficient as the larger capacity machine. That’s because these machines to little volume tend to not be as efficient in cleaning heavy dirt.

If the husband throws the football weekend, is already case for wondering if it’s a good idea to purchase this machine, that may not account for sportswear and grimy socks.

·         WASHING MACHINE 7 KG/8 KG/9 KG

A couple with a child can have a washer with a capacity between 7 to 9 kg.

Depending on the type of outfit used for family, even mantar, duvets and quilts (thinner and with less volume) can be washed by her. Here at gradphysics you can get more different models and styles.

Only be careful to verify the weight and volume of clothing that will place on your machine not to run the risk of overload and damage your washing system.

·         10 KG WASHER

The 10 kg washer must be acquired by the family who actually washes a good volume of clothes, not always very often and therefore the weekly wash becomes more “heavy”.

Don’t purchase this model if you don’t have insufficient clothing consumption. That’s because you run the risk of an expense of water and unnecessary light in each wash cycle.

If the machine you want to is super modern type, which takes your programming calculation of water and time take to wash a smaller amount of clothes, great.


Normally with an offer more affordable than other models of semi-automatic machines, consumes less water and energy, but there’s a catch. She doesn’t spin and not twist your clothes.

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