Warning-Grant Lyrics

What started at the Utah Valley University as funny design accent, became a hit on the Web. But the extra equipped track for Smartphone users on a staircase could be the beginning of a new transport system.

Something he lacked Utah Valley University on the brand new campus buildings, the student life and Wellness Center. A little accent, which hold clip the students that thought is Creative Director, Matt Bambrough.

Therefore, he divided one of the staircases in a clear, a fast walking – and a Smartphone track. Two strips of bright green shared the students who did it not in such a hurry to the lecture by those who themselves had to hurry now. A third track should be for those aspiring academics, no second could separate itself from the network, which quickly their status on Facebook share or find out about the latest cat videos had to – of course, starting with the Smartphone under the nose.

Warning-Grant Lyrics

On the sidewalks and streets of any city can be seen daily, significantly reduce the pace as a result. It can be himself only speculate whether Matt Bambrough was also a bit annoyed by the creeping online twenty-somethings, that unswervingly continue their way. He had however, know “The design on the stairs should rather provide a laugh, and be no genuine attempt to control traffic flow.” I think it time, not wasted let but the potential of this idea.

Eventually emerge more and more accidents, because looking at the mobile screen ever forget environmental and road traffic regulations. Therefore Matt Bambrough could have-laid the foundations for a new traffic management system with his idea that protects Smartphone zombies as well as online. The app with the latest traffic events should of course be converted to pedestrian mode. Built-in warnings of approaching buses, cars or even chairs and railings understand themselves by themselves. The extra tracks could continue further, framed between pedestrian and cycle paths, when boarding public transportation or on escalators. To indicate the supposed Multitasker in addition, also the inventory of signs could be complemented around “Attention, texts give”, “Wiper right before left” or “Internet users may be overhauled”.

What its own transport system for mobile phone users might look like, has already the cartoonist Matt Groening in his series “Futurama” conceived: a tubular album listed on Songaah.com, which immediately shoots people of a pneumatic tube to their destination. That could be the full concentration for texts, Sharen, liken and post in any case. If it ever does, remains unclear. But what remains of the design idea in Utah is the appeal: don’t despair, keep your chin up! At least every few meters.