Warning About Inefficient Protection Offered Against Telephone Advertising

As the Consumer Council tells North Rhine-Westphalia, complaints about unwanted callers who serve a permanent protection against pesky phone calls against a juicy pay. with an unsolicited call stunned consumers are accumulating currently violate brazen service providers themselves against unfair telephone advertising, ban explained the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia. You strongly warns the scam to fall and personal bank accounts for charges on the alleged consumer advocates to pass on. because so far no effective protection against unsolicited calls exist, warns the consumer advice centre of

North Rhine-Westphalia, inter alia following providers : consumer protection service: of Düsseldorf from the provider collects up to 59.95 euros for services against annoying telemarketing calls. For this handsome sum promise an entry in publicly available certificate revocation list and contact the operators of telephone advertising. Also claims the service, any complaints to the Consumer Council or an another lawyer to forward. consumer protection: company based in Mülheim an der Ruhr just sent a welcome greeting to unsuspecting members. For a monthly contribution of 9,90 EUR, the self-styled consumer advocates proceed allegedly legally against company, the illegal telephone advertising operate and members compensation payments of up to 400 euro in Vista. German consumer service: the Berlin company also advertises on the phone with the entry in a revocation list for 29.90 euros. consumer help: this service acted out by, among others, Essen and Cologne. The caller offered an entry in telephone -, mobile – and more Werbesperrlisten for a fee of 39.95 or 49.95 euro. Against the consumer protection help food, the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia has already successfully a judgment (District Court Essen, AZ 2 O 246/07) obtained because of illegal telemarketing calls. For other violations, a fine of up to 250,000 euro or Ordnungshaft. threatens the company trouble with supposed consumer services the local advice centres of the consumer centres are actually the correct address to proceed against dubious machinations, provided there are name of the provider and its address. «(rs)» rip off or help? «Customer hotlines in the test» spam: so you defend yourself against junk