Wall Clocks: Jewelry or Craft?

In the topic planning of the weekly article discussion, I happened to come across the subject of wall clocks, and immediately a discussion arose as to whether these timepieces were late relics from the late eighties or they are still a decorative accessory of domestic living rooms and the answer in the Colleagues circle was clearly given, wall clock: Yes! In the living room: No, thanks! And that is exactly the problem, who says that a wall clock has only an existence in the living room?

This is somehow a stereotypical prejudice and the oak-rustic furnishing is also sometimes associated with it. Wall clocks are also rather a typical kitchen element, because they make much more sense. If you sit there maybe in the morning and want to still enjoy the breakfast despite some time pressure and the time always keep in mind. And there is a wall clock really good to get comfortably and centrally the time displayed and there you can also quietly a bit off and some crazy designs choose one or one decides for the classic variants in the station design. Then it is synonymous still drauf, what you expect from a wall clock so, it should simply show the time or perhaps also the temperature? There are now real multi-function wall clocks on Phoenixwallclocks, which then display in addition to the time, the temperature also the prevailing humidity.

This is why, as so often, it is a question of wishes and requirements for a product. Some prefer a little retro style, because then this Seiko wall clock would fit well, others attach importance to a black dial, as I would then recommend this model from Seiko and again others want to leave a typical station clock with it, which offers Kienzle with this wonderful showpiece. If you like a design piece on the wall, you should look around Junghans. But also Skagen and Dugena have wonderful timepieces for the wall in the program.