Walkthrough: Tips on Crafts with Cds

With old and scratched CDs it is possible to make numerous decorative objects and utensils in a practical way.

The CDs were consumed for a long time, replacing vinyl records. With the technological advancement, the sound in MP3, inserted in pen drive or specific player was replacing the discs. What to do with all the scratched CDs, unused and outdated? We have many ideas for you. The craft is a good option to decorate and give environments use for the material.

We’ve prepared some tips for you reaproveitarem the CDs, check out our craft ideas:

Disco ball

Imagine a young man’s room or a living room all decorated with modern musical theme. How about a disco ball to give a charm to the environment?


  • Old CDs;
  • Scissors;
  • A styrofoam ball the size you prefer;
  • Nylon line;
  • Hot glue.

How to do:

Following to craftinLearning, cut the CDs in small square, as if they were mirrored inserts. Glue them around the styrofoam ball with hot glue. Attach a nylon cord and hang it wherever you want.

Wall clock

Another good tip that we teach is the clock on the wall. Choose a CD of an artist you like or with an attractive image. Select the risks of hours with paint and allow it to dry. Remove the motor and mechanisms of an old wall clock. With the aid of an awl, make a hole in the middle of the CD for the pointers. Put the pointers and cole on the back the mechanisms. If you have to, take a watchmaker to adjust the mechanisms properly.


Also to prevent stains and spills at the tables using the CDs as trimmers. Cut a piece of felt the size of the CD and paste opaque side of the disk. Let the bright side and without pictures up, where you will put the glasses. The idea can also be applied in bars and restaurants. In addition to protecting the tables will give a charm to the environment.