Vintage Sports Shoes

While the Converse still have its weight in the world of sports footwear, increasingly brands coming to put a dent in this market segment.

Some, as in this case, reborn from the ashes reinventing models that already had great success in its time. We speak of the Kawasaki shoes, and no, they do not come from Japan, as one might think at first glance, they are originating in Denmark.

These shoes are a clear example of the success of the shoes vintage, as far as sports is concerned. Is put of fashion in the years 70, years in which caused furor, especially in those countries Scandinavian. Now, 30 years later, appear on stage again. For more information, visit

They were designed initially as sports shoes to play badminton, but due to its flexibility, grip and great resistance, ended up becoming the reference of Scandinavian fashion footwear.

From the 90s, ceased production of these sports, but since 4 years ago it has become to market, with new prints and designs. They are already becoming to fashion in the Scandinavian countries and we will soon see them in the streets of our country, since already are many stores that are beginning to sell new designs.

Vintage Sports Shoes

The truth that there are some interesting designs, and can be a shoe that gets fashion for this spring-summer, that Yes, the price already it is not so appealing since the pair tends to rub the 50 euros.