Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags

It is one of the most copied and imitated luxury brands worldwide but is far from lowering your arms to counteract the problem. Know why

The French fashion brand Louis Vuitton sued the Alibaba, China’s largest online sales site. The complaint was filed in a Beijing court. In question is the alleged selling suitcases with a design that leaves no big margin for doubts. «Three individual sellers were convicted by the counterfeiting of Louis Vuitton products between 2011 and 2014», advances the news site the Fashion Law.

As a result of this conviction, the company will receive a compensation of 250,000 yuan, about 37,900 dollars, just over 30,000 euros, compensatory for damages suffered. Regardless of this situation and the eventual outcome of the proceedings now brought, another legal battle opposes the company to My other Bag (MOB).

This week, Louis Vuitton accused the MOB, known for its prints inspired by other brands, to ‘ Create, advertise and sell designs that infringe trademarks and copyrights ‘. ‘ In doing so, they are jeopardizing decades of substantial efforts and investments ‘, alleges the French company.

This luxury brand is, however, far from being the first to take the owners of Alibaba to the defendant’s bench. Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Gucci were other labels that, in recent months, sued the Chinese electronic commerce giant. In November last year, in the U.S., the owners of Edie Parker decided to sue the Box Bag because of the alleged plagiarism of several vintage-inspired clutches.

Text: Luis Batista Gonçalves

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