Vintage Inspiration for a Bridal Shower

Sometimes when I open the submissions in my Inbox ands look at the pictures of real weddings and styled shootme, then I wonder how much pink the wedding world actually can tolerate. And how much vintage.

And how many cupcakes. Finally I will show here you inspiration for your celebration, which take on new ideas – and pink, vintage and cupcakes are no longer with the best will on the still-never-seen list. With this thought I was already on it and poised to reject the images this styled shoots here. But then I discovered the picture with the plush Unicorn. And with the wing Chair. And the cake.And the gold pink striped paper shop. Want to say: just a gloriously absurd in the best sense of mix. And then there is the theme of the shoot was itself: a bridal shower staged team photographer Trudi Krammer by Luthien photo type . One what please?, you might ask. A bridal shower, girls. This is nothing more than a bachelorette party in fact. Only without embarrassing and more private. This time, that I even give you something like that, I thought.

Vintage Inspiration for a Bridal Shower

bridal shower is a “wedding party, presented the gifts”. So simply, it first defines the Leo online dictionary. Wikipediagoes on something and tells us that there’s this tradition among others in the United States since the 1980s. And that goes something like: the female friends of the bride present them at the tea party with nice little things. Birthday without birthday quasi.

The Belgians Were’s!

But in fact there is more behind this custom that even after (back) has conquered in the past few years Europe: Wikipedia according to developed he originally namely in Belgium and the Netherlands from the not poor, young women out who had no means to bring the then customary dowry into the marriage. So, be friends jumped up and would have ensured appropriate gifts that the girl still under the hood comes. In the United States, however, established the practice in the 1890s in the upper middle class. So there was nothing with poor people: wealthy Brats make party (also in the tightly laced corset).

Against The Bender For More Stuffiness

So far, roughly the historic demolition. Why you that now all tell? Because I we say a certain times very carefully, dislike parties against embarrassing Bachelor (and Bachelorette -). How to collect an enchanting alternative to the Bender with passerby on provokingly and we cleavage Entgegengestrecke to the signatures look can, I took only recently as an opportunity, to make it the subject of one of my columns in the Print magazine “Be inspired” by wedding madness . In the upcoming August issue, you read there that what my girlfriends for me as a self-confessed JGA Muffeline was dreamed of.May be that I’m da square, then I’m just.

bridal shower at least is an alternative for all vintage wedding decor like I don’t have the candy pink overkill, but a small party in a crazy tranquil café as the sugar snoots in Gersthofen near Augsburg, that would be such an idea. Just a day of pampering for the bride in the circle of her friends, organized by the maid of honor, almost as anticipated thank you for hosting a Grand wedding celebration and as a welcome break in the recent, stressful few weeks prior to the day of days.Umm, so I could imagine now worse.

A team developed the idea for this staged photo shoot from several service providers, including the photographer, the stylist, and the dress designer Martina Miller. So summarizes the concept: “I see the bridal shower as a nice alternative to the classic bachelorette party, when it comes in an elegant and cosy atmosphere with sparkling wine, snacks and sweets to celebrate and to congratulate the bride to the wedding. “And also my inspiration for the Dirndl was exactly: sweet, playful, classy, with a touch of Cocktailkleidchen in the colors of rose champagne and vanilla butter cream.”

And with these I say words: curtains up for a pink inspiration trip to a bridal shower staged for you: